Hello, I am Nigel Bruin and you are looking at my personal website. My wife and I are back in Singapore full-time again. I grew up in England where I graduated in Software Engineering and then worked on software and product development in the telecommunications industry.

Corporate life also indulged my passion for travel and living abroad, and although the pace has regrettably slowed of late, I have managed to visit 53 countries so far, and have lived outside the UK for about 18 of the last 33 years. I am currently employed at a major telecoms MNC.

I enjoy making things, which also means I like taking things apart to see how it's done. The medium changes every few years but the principle is constant; first it was Lego, then woodwork, then electronics, then computers, then complex software, then networks and currently websites and products. I prefer sharing ideas and information freely and appreciate when others reciprocate.

The bearcave is an expression of this philosophy and the latest in a growing line of my micro-publishing projects. The earliest was probably an hierarchical help system (IBM/360, CMS, 1989, UK); next was a precursor to the web with a hyperlinked training library (HPUX, FrameMaker, 1993, Turkey); then the web proper with an internal site (PowerMac 7100, WebStar, 1995, China); since then it's been UNIX and apache all the way. The common thread is a desire to pass on knowledge and ideas.

The bearcave is a miscellany of collected and discovered information with the only inclusion criteria being whether I found it an interesting fact or an exciting idea. It therefore lacks the single purpose necessary to become a major site beyond my existing readership but rather may attract traffic via search engines to specific posts. I don't plan to monetise the site via adverts.

On a personal level I prefer cats to dogs, red (strong, full-bodied) wine to white, photographs to video, old movies to television and questions to assumptions. I use Apple Mac computers by choice, but am not dogmatic about it, rather I am familiar with and effective using MacOS and make extensive use of its underlying UNIX technologies.