January 2007


Based in Singapore since 2006 and currently happily employed full-time.

When not working full-time for a client, I may be hired for consultancy work. I do technical & business consultancy, providing an experienced, individual, professional service for private and public bodies. Projects may be technical evaluation, tender evaluation, system design, project management and product development.

Using my experience and knowledge, I focus on the following areas:


Hello, I am Nigel Bruin and you are looking at my personal website. My wife and I are back in Singapore full-time again. I grew up in England where I graduated in Software Engineering and then worked on software and product development in the telecommunications industry.

Corporate life also indulged my passion for travel and living abroad, and although the pace has regrettably slowed of late, I have managed to visit 53 countries so far, and have lived outside the UK for about 18 of the last 33 years. I am currently employed at a major telecoms MNC.