October 2017

Quotes of the Week 010

Andrew Ng (former Baidu chief scientist) on Killer AI:

"worrying about killer robots is like worrying about overpopulation on Mars—we’ll have plenty of time to figure it out"

Jack Ma (founder and chairman of Alibaba) on Internet speed in the Philippines:

"It’s no good"

Chuck Hollis (Oracle cloud evangelist) on public cloud:

Quotes of the Week 009

StraTechery on the Business Models of the digital economy:

"Most importantly, though, the end of gatekeepers is inevitable: the Internet provides abundance, not scarcity, and power flows from discovery, not distribution"

Verizon CFO Matt Ellis:

"The traditional TV bundle is not long-term sustainable"

Qualcomm on 5G:

Quotes of the Week 008

Mark Mahaney of RBC Capital Markets on Netflix price increase:

"Pricing power has increased materially over the past few years as their content slate and technology has improved. The content, not price, is the leading churn/churn-back factor among Netflix subs”

Verizon’s Oliveira, a fellow in Verizon's Network Technology Planning group:

Quotes of the Week 007

Weissman joking on G.fast versus fibre:

"The only service currently requiring gigabit-speed connectivity is a speed test"

Ray Watson, Masergy:

"NFV itself is a category of solutions. It's not a displacement technology, it's not going to displace every single appliance that's out there"

Fred Oliveira, Verizon: