December 2017

Quotes of the Week 020

Rob Carter (FedEx CIO) on autonomous vehicles:

"The reality is, work always evolves to adapt to technology"

William Chou (Deloitte) on China's bike-sharing companies' lack of profits:

"Collecting data is the first goal of the sharing economy. Every time consumers scan the QR code on a bicycle -- or basketball, handbag, umbrella -- they provide information about habits, locations, behaviors and payment histories"

SlashDot on rising BitCoin transaction costs:

Quotes of the Week 019

Matt Ellis (CFO Verizon) on FTTH competition from Altice:

"Altice's plans for FTTH validates what we have been doing for over 10 years and the value it brings and the things you can do with fiber that you can't do with other technologies"

TelecomRamblings on telco's new revenue challenges:

"IoT service is more an ecosystem from device vendors, software vendors, IT service providers, telecom and cloud service providers, rather than a standalone solution"

O'Reilly book 'When hardware meets software':

Quotes of the Week 018

IDC forecast on telecoms spending, especially Pay-TV:

"By contrast, the pay-TV services market — encompassing cable, satellite, Internet protocol (IP) and digital terrestrial TV services — is set to remain flat over the five-year forecast period"

Ampere Analysis on the popularity of sports:

"Even though criticism about inflated rates emerges every time rights come up for renewal, the reality is that fans love their sports and most are willing to pay regularly to view it on TV"

Quotes of the Week 017

Juniper Research, 5G forecast:

"1.4 billion 5G connections by 2025, an increase from just 1 million in 2019, the anticipated first year of commercial launch"

Karri Kuoppamaki (T-Mobile) on their NB-IoT Strategy:

"We will support LTE-M also, for the use cases that make sense"

Chad Thompson (Verizon) on their Virtual Network Services - One:

Quotes of the Week 016

Erzsébet Fitori (director of the FTTH Council Europe) on Germany's love of copper:

The lack of modern digital infrastructure is "very risky for Germany as a leading economy, and there's an increasing competitive risk"

VentureBeat on autonomous vehicles:

"Another barrier to AV adoption is cybersecurity — nobody wants a 2,000-pound object traveling at 65 miles an hour in the hands of hackers"

Simon Schmincke (VC at Creandum) on the surging success of eSports: