February 2018

Quotes of the Week 028

Cisco on 5G:

"5G should provide the opportunity to drive adoption of "neutral host" and shared infrastructure business models – perhaps involving innovative local industry/public sector/community collaboration models"

Stacey on IoT:

"We keep saying that data is the new oil, but oil is not a wholly harmless substance. We need to accept that data isn't, either"

Tien Tzuo (CEO Zuora via VentureBeat) on Amazon vs. Walmart:

Quotes of the Week 027

Via react-etc.net on a 5G test in Helsinki:

"Results showed 5G to be 14 times faster than a good 4G LTE in the same location"

Peter Carson (Qualcomm) on 5G small cells:

"mmWave networks will offer 96% of the coverage of the 4G networks if the 5G small cells are deployed at a range of around 100 meters to 200 meters apart"

Jeremy Horwitz on 5G:

Quotes of the Week 026

Robert Clark (via Light Reading) on China's 5G advantage:

"But there's nothing to suggest China has opened up a 5G gap over the rest of the world, let alone the US"

IDEO on CEO's business challenges:

"The old methods are incapable of preparing you for what we are seeing today—the most volatile and disruptive business climate the world has ever known"

Heavy Reading report on telco automation:

"About 40% of Council members expect a 15-20% reduction in staff as a result of automation"

Quotes of the Week 025

Benedict Evans (VC, a16z) on Apple's investment in content:

"Apple is dipping a few more toes into the water in Hollywood. I think these shows will be marketing, not strategic, though"

Report from Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Innovation Institute:

"Before the advent of dockless bike-sharing in Chinese cities, cycling accounted for 5.5% of transport miles. It has now more than doubled to 11.6%"

John Delaney (IDC Europe) on telco customer pain points: