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Telecoms News 09wk35

Broadband / Network Services

Despite the big incumbents passing the opportunity for stimulus project funding, other applications oversubsribe the bill by 7 times

EM Radiation Research: Cellphones cause brain tumours (although the conclusions seem very similar to existing accepted science).

Augmented apps seem all the rage this week with several coming to the iPhone.

DailyWireless on the much delayed 3G auction in India

Public WiFi

Researches say say they can crack WPA encryption in 60secs (TKIP on certain routers but still, time to use WPA2 only).

Mobile / FMC / VoIP

iPhone: the AppStore is estimated to be a $2.4B a year business with iPhone users twice as likely to buy apps than Android users. Apple finally closes the deal with China Unicom for a 3-year deal on a WiFi-less iPhone, more at ArsTechnica and Total Telecom. The motive is unclear but the new Apple OS-X release, Snow Leopard drops support for PalmOS sync; it should be noted that since the Pre was launched, PalmOS is officially deprecated although still used on some current models. As much of a success that the iPhone is for AT&T, the high data loading is a real problem for the network and demands investment with little apparent financial return

Nokia's new N900 phone builds nicely on their rather orphaned but much loved N800 and N810 handheld computers with a spec that pitches it into iPhone territory. The choice of Linux (as per 800 and 810) is natural but their marketing pitch has to work against their own Symbian OS.

Nokia readies Nokia Money and pre-announces 3G-enabled netbooks.

The Register on a British Femtocell manufacturer who is trying a direct to consumer approach

Telecoms News 09wk34

Broadband / Network Services

Expect 4 billion GSM users in Sept 2009

A USDA report finds rural communities benefit from greater broadband Internet access

Asian undersea cables require many repairs

EU: commits for LTE-A with funding support

FCC: AT&T and Verizon face inquiry over wreless pricing

Why AT&T (allegedly) killed Google Voice, or why the old telecoms carrier model must change.

Not recommended but interesting, a pocket cell-phone jammer for just $27

Jordan: Orange wins 3G licence (Zain loses out)


BusinessWire report: Australia - The Emerging FttH Market; FttH Developments Are Gaining Momentum

Singapore NGNBN: rollout on-track but can it remain fair (the incumbent's triple-play offerings will likely dominate domestic services but Enterprise bundles should be lively with many international players able to offer services).


CommsDay: Ubiquiti claims their TDMA platform has 150Mbps throughput for fraction of WiMAX prices

VentureBeat: ClearWire needs to shake up things to save WiMAX

Mobile / FMC / VoIP

Responses to FCC: Google (partially redacted), Apple Further commentary: Daring Fireball, TechCrunch, ArsTechnica, SiliconAngle, WSJ. In fact, the whole AppStore approval process is a potential poison chalice for Apple as it may become partially liable for published content, like this suit over the i.TV app.

Android: G1 handsets are probably not powerful enough (insufficient memory) for the up-coming OS releases. In all the kerfuffle over Google Voice, mis-reporting has prompted Google to issue a denial/clarification over VoIP apps on Android.

iPhone: Practical uses of the iPhone/iPod. Iphone to become #1 camera on Flickr. Sweb creates web-driven iPhone app SDK. A Finnish user reports that his old iPhone is now officially unlocked by Apple. A minor security scare this week with one user reporting that SpotLight finds deleted e-mails. Are your Apps spying on you.

Dell: better info on their new touch-screen phone. (Android but no 3G or WiFi, so not really a SmartPhone) Dell has denied its a product but a co-development with China Mobile as part of the oPhone project.

Palm opens its AppStore.

Nokia is again supporting the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with applications, more at 3g4g.

Telecoms News 09wk33

Broadband / Network Services

Internet traffic disruption in Asia as multiple undersea routes acknowledge cable problems

OpenID: US government looking at 3rd-party trust providers for access to their sites

Microsoft & Nokia announce mobile MS-Office, presumably on Symbian

Mashable: online video traffic surge (11.2B streams in July09)


FiberRevolution: Wind and Fastweb sign unbundling and FTTH network sharing deal

AsiaPac has 55% of global PON market

BT testing brownfield sites, more.


DailyWireless: good summary on Korea's WiBro rollout status (it's losing steam).

TotalTele: Nigeria orders new WiMAX tender and refund the fees from the 3 winners of the earlier tender (2.3GHz)

Australia: Adam Internet wins government support for new fixed WiMAX deployment across metropolitan Adelaide

Mobile / FMC / VoIP

iPhone: the (mild as yet) backlash againts the AppStore has Apple VP Phil Schiller sending personal e-mails to prominent pundits and developers promising improvements. A bank is offering an app for paying cheques (i.e. 'checks') by using the camera to photo both sides. Gertner says Apple is doing just fine as smartphone sales increase. Both Apple and China Mobile deny the 5m 'ChiPhone' order report but that just means the real deal isn't finalised or out of embargo as we do expect some kind of deal to go through.

CSAT Pre vs iPhone: both are well liked but iPhone achieved an incredible 82% Very Satisfied. Apple and AT&T are the targets of not one but two class-action lawsuits over MMS promises.

Dell phone rumour. What's interesting is that it's so iPhone like although one presumes there's Android under the hood.

Kenya: solar charged phones

Telecoms News 09wk32

Broadband / Network Services

Nortel & Telstra claim 100Gbps record with 2038km signal over existing fiber without regenerators.

GSMA launches new website

Singapore: StarHub trials solar-powered basestation


Singapore: the schedule for the NBN rollout is announced with online maps.

UK: Rollout of BT's next gen network is delayed as the bulkier and taller roadside cabinets have failed to receive planning permission in some areas.

Public WiFi

Verizon brings free WiFi for broadband subs

DailyWireless: The Death Of Paid WiFi


Clearwire to unwire Texas

Mobile / FMC / VoIP

Microsoft Mobile. There's not usually much to say about WinMobile but they have issued a detailed tutorial on how to port iPhone apps to WinMobile. Might be useful for someone looking for cross-platform support.

iPhone: the AppStore and its approval process is just a continuous bad-news story for Apple. The slightly bizzare story of a banned dictionary is just the latest example, even prompting a rare and contradictory letter from Apple SVP Phil Schiller. Mind you, it hasn't the profits with Apple taking 32% of global handset profits, a frankly astonishing figure.

Palm has complained to the USB Implementors Forum about Apple blocking the Pre from using iTunes. It's hard to see Palm's case here as the spec is clear on what the vendor field means.

Telecoms News 09wk31

Broadband / Network Services

EU releases reserved 2G (900MHz) spectrum

Nortel confirms approval for $1.13B sale of CDMA and LTE assets to Ericsson. Commentary: TelephonyOnline

Skype's owners eBay have lost the licensing for a core PtP function. Worst case, the service will shutdown, although a technical workaround or re-newed deal with the original creators seems more likely.

Claimed electrosensitivity by UK DJ was a PR stunt.

Switzerland starts real-time Internet interception 1st Aug 2009 (src: WikiLeaks)

HomePlug moves towards new IEEE PowerLine spec


Juniper research: Global subs to reach 50m by 2014

China: WiMAX trial cities announced

India: a controversial report from ASSOCHAM predicts more WiMAX subs than 3G by 2014 (60m vs 20m)

Mobile / FMC / VoIP

iPhone: Once again, analysts looking at the AT&T deal show just how profitable it is for Apple and borderline commercial ruin for the carrier. Rumours of an 'iTablet' are intensifying with more concrete details of manufacturer and possible launch date. Details of a Chinese carrier deal emerge with a possible 3 year deal with China Unicom boosted by news that an iPhone without WiFi gets approval in China. A 1 SMS pwn attack has been confirmed by Apple who immediately issued a v3.0.1 firmware update to fix (already applied in my case). The reported pressure from AT&T to reject the Google Voice application has been 'confirmed' according to John Gruber although direct involvement is denied by AT&T but existing contractual terms may still be at work. The FCC are taking an interest as part of its investigation into exclusive deals between carriers and handset manufacturers. The AppStore approval process and the negative reactions it is increasingly generating is summarised at RWW.

Motorola seems to be putting its chips on Android. Can't be worse then their current unusable interfaces.

Telecoms News 09wk30

Broadband / Network Services

GSMA projects 1b HSPA users by 2013

DailyWireless: 802.11N standard in 3Q09?

The end of the Nortel Wireless division auction nears its close with Ericsson and creditor MPAM submiting new bids but RIM says its bid was blocked. Nortel's official statement. While Avaya is set to buy the Enterprise unit


Thailand: state telco plans fiber rollout


Alvarion & Nokia-Siemens strike strategic WiMAX reseller deal

WiMAX update from Taiwan

Mobile / FMC / VoIP

RIM: in the UAE, a 'partner' software update is denounced as spyware

iPhone: AT&T's subscriber growth numbers are heavily dependednt on the iPhone

Palm: webOS 1.1 claims to restore syncing with iTunes after Apple's previous software block by pretending to be an Apple product which means they are now in breach of the USB standard. Apple are apparently pulling all Google-Voice products from the AppStore with the suspicion falling on AT&T for the move.

Android: LG-NORTEL launch first multi-media home terminal based on Android.

Clearwire expands 3G footprint

Note: short column this week due to relocation to Riyadh.

Telecoms News 09wk29

Broadband / Network Services

Digital Britain: broadband coverage maps show that UK is distinctly class divided with haves and have-nots and Ofcom's severe reluctance to respond to a FOIA request only further casts doubt on their supposed customer orientation.

SingTel has been working on an Enterprise cloud-computing (grid)

China's Internet population reaches 338m

Both Sony-Ericsson and Nokia post 2Q loss.

How to make mobile apps pay

Amazon denies access to its catalog from 3rd-party mobile apps despite having been thinking about it for 2 years.

Google Voice out of Beta with more features including iPhone integration.


Tasmania: tenders for NGN due 2Q10

Public WiFi

Fon announce their new router with 'Web-2.0' adding 'Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, RapidShare, and other content — even while users’ PCs are off'. Very cool.


New backhaul licensed products from Proxim and Alvarion

Mobile / FMC / VoIP

MobileTV trials by seven Washington, D.C. TV stations plus 5 other cities following in August

iPhone: AppStore: 1.5b served. The case for a UMA-enabled business version. Apple's Push notifications don't work on 'unlocked' phones. Firmware 3.1beta stops the IPCC-edit trick to enable tethering and allows developers to work over WiFi as well as USB. Filed under 'that didn't take long', Apple blocks 3rd-party devices from masquerading as iPods. I'd say it was a mistake to further close the Apple ecosystem but there's perhaps a legal argument that if they didn't do it, they would have implicitly agreed to an open-platform strategy from now on. Runing emulated, Win95 on an iPhone

Android: tutorial on using sensors. Google Voice comes to Android and Blackberry.

Palm Pre: Mojo SDK developlment kit is now available,

ReadWriteWeb: 2009: The Year Of LBS

Telecoms News 09wk28

Broadband / Network Services

Analyst sees VoIP substituting for multiple wireline services

Ericsson wins big Chinese contracts, $1.7B for 2G and 3G framework agreements and Sprint is outsourcing their entire network management to them in a 7year, $4.5-$5B deal involvibng 6000 staff.

Phorm, the technology that people don't want, is losing steam. BT has abandoned them, and now TalkTalk has also said that without market acceptance, there's no point to continue, Virgin is still evaluating but the UK market looks like it has turned away from DPI ad targeting for now.

Apparently people prefer mobile video applications to MobileTV. Something to do with choice perhaps?

France Telecom upgrades sub-sea cables between Europe and ME

Indian SMS use surges

Public WiFi

Meraki selected by schools and colleges


Nokia-Siemens & Alverion on WiMAX collaboration

Clear launches in Vegas on 21st July

McWiLL: China's nearly forgotten WiMAX competitor

Mobile / FMC / VoIP

India raises revenue prediction for 3G licenses to $7.2B

iPhone: rumour of progress towards a Chinese iPhone. The new 3GS only supports HSDPA, not HSUPA so uplink is limited to 384kbps. The practical effect of the 3GS's doubled-up RAM. Craig Hockenberry's review of 1year of the AppStore. Mashable's 14 apps with Push Notification for productivity. Daily Wireless on the coming video tsunami as Apple adds cameras, and more importantly the easy-to-use software to iPhones and, rumoured, iPods.

Android: leaked info on Sony-Ericsson phone but Nokia denies they are about to release one

TechCrunch: Cherry, the MVNO that provides converged cellular/WiFI calling, even if you don't have a SIM card.

Palm Pre: in Europe before Christmas

Telecoms News 09wk27

Broadband / Network Services

Phone companies agree to use micro-USB as standard for power supplies

Broadband defined although people including Vint Cerf aren't impressed.

PC World tested the US 3G networks for speed and reliability (Sprint and Verizon did well but AT&T had noticably worse reliability scores).


WiNAX teams up with DSLAMs for rural broadband

ComCast to bundle Clear with its services: High-Speed 2go

Daily Wireless: Sprint WiMAX phone?

Mobile / FMC / VoIP

Sony is talking up a Phone-PSP hybrid. Frankly, what the heck took them so long?

iPhone; AT&T say the iPhone 3GS launch was their best ever sales day and the iPhone is #1 in Japan. Version 3.1 firmware is in Beta and brings Voice Control over Bluetooth. SingTel will be bringing the 3GS to Singapore, no big surprise there although less than 2 weeks after the US launch, local independent shops have genuine phones (via Italy) for up to S$2,200 (US$1,500); strictly for those who cannot wait. Akamai is offering adaptive streaming for iPhone/iPod Touch. I tend to hold back on reports of hardware faults as sometimes it takes a long time for the real story to emerge but Apple has issued a "keep your iPhone out of the sun" warning. Early feedback on Apple's Push technology fails to impress.

Palm Pre: sales reach 300,000 mark? O2 confirmed as UK exclusive carrier

Slow sales of TD-SCDMA

Telecoms News 09wk26

Broadband / Network Services

EU's Viviane Reding talks up a a new European Strategy of "high speed broadband for all", wants "a unifying broadband strategy by the end of this year".

BT & Tata in 5yr international voice deal

Google Voice (nee Grand Central) leaves invite-only mode

Mobile video uploads to YouTube are up 400% since iPhone 3GS launch.


Singapore: the OpCo & NetCo consortiums outline their deployment plans

Monticello, Minnesota gets Ok from the state supreme court to own & operate a fiber network

Public WiFi

Singapore: Government extends subsidy of Wireles@SG cloud until Mar 2013 and doubles basic speed to 1Mbps


Another week, another big Alvarion win this time, a a national mobile WiMAX network for Italy (3.5GHz)

Mobile / FMC / VoIP

iPhone: sells over 1m 3G S in the first weekend. The slow availability of V3 apps that use Push functionality made some wonder if Apple was ready but push-enabled apps were approved soon afterwards. Review by Google's Matt Cutts. V3.0 firmware is more sensitive when showing 2g / 3g network changes which means people are seeing 'EDGE' more often than they did before.
Possible problems with WiFi reported on Apple forum but the overall performance, especially Javascript, continues to impress. Cost breakdown: 3G S build costs estimated at $179 which together with other costs suggests Apple needs the AT&T subsidy to make a profit. More on the oleophobic 3GS screen. TapBots reports a 75% adoption rate for V3 firmware

Palm Pre: Slashdot has a thread on needing to give your SSN to get a service contract with Sprint (maybe that's what the Sprint sales guide meant by only selling the Pre 'to the right sort of customer').

Android: T-Mobile announce their second Android unit, the MyTouch and the HTC Hero will have Adobe Flash.

Vodafone UK announces femtocell launch (either free or as part of an inclusive price plan (starting at £15pm), purchase (£160) or a monthly charge (£5pm)

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