Quotes of the Week 027

Via react-etc.net on a 5G test in Helsinki:

"Results showed 5G to be 14 times faster than a good 4G LTE in the same location"

Peter Carson (Qualcomm) on 5G small cells:

"mmWave networks will offer 96% of the coverage of the 4G networks if the 5G small cells are deployed at a range of around 100 meters to 200 meters apart"

Jeremy Horwitz on 5G:

"One year from now, your smartphone is going to get faster in one of three ways: You're either going to upgrade to a 5G phone, upgrade to a 4.5G phone, or keep using a 4G phone on a network shared with fewer users"

Frank Rayal, comparing power consumption of Bitcoin and mobile networks:

"My estimates for bitcoin mining power consumption is around 7,000 MW. I estimate that all the mobile base stations use around 9,000 MW, of which around 25% is in China"

Francisco Jeronimo on Apple Watch sales:

"Apple shipped more Apple Watches in 4Q2017, than the entire Swiss Watch Industry shipped watches! Apple is the biggest watch maker in the world"

Serge Willenegger (SVP Qualcomm) on Standalone vs Non-Standalone 5G:

"If your spectrum is very high band, either millimeter wave only or high-band in the sub-6, let's say 5 GHz or 4.5 GHz and up, spectrum, it's very hard to think about the standalone model because that implies that coverage would be kind of hard to achieve."

India Ratings and Research on RJio's tariff cuts:

"While ARPU at the upper strata are capped (INR300-400 [$4.67-6.22]), there is a potential to improve them at the lower strata by data adoption in the un-penetrated segment"

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India:

"65% mobile subscribers were voice-only in Sept. 2017"

TheAtlantic on Smart City jargon:

"The language of Smart City is always Global Business English, no matter what town you're in"

Xconomy on Smart Cities:

"The way elected officials and technologists talk about the smart city, one would think the concept comes from a brilliant urban planner. Nope. The concept comes from sales people at global tech companies"

Bob Iger (CEO Disney) on the launch of an ESPN streaming service:

"There are signs that young people are coming into multi-channel television. People that were once called or thought to be cord-nevers are starting to adopt less expensive OTT packages"

Reed Hastings (CEO, NetFlix):

"The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us"

Tim Armstrong (CEO of Verizon's Oath) on merging G090 into Oath division:

"The brand will remain, [but] I don't know how long for ... Go90 was a super ambitious project"

Alex Craddock, HP:

"Omnichannel Is The Only Channel"

Matt Rosenberg on Apple's cookie blocking:

"Apple doesn't rely on an ad business, so they are prioritizing user experience. The fact that it is a choice between ad tech and user experience doesn't speak well for what ad tech has been doing"

Engadget on Verizon bundling 1year free Netflix with FiOS:

"It's keeping up with rivals offering video freebies"

Alex Craddock, HP:

At HP we believe we have entered a new age. We call it the "Experience Age." In the 1800s, we were in the Industrial Age, when power-driven machines replaced hand tools. Then came the Information Age with the introduction of the computer, where information was able to be moved more seamlessly around the world and became more democratized. Now we have transitioned to the Experience Age where the experience is key, in everything across both our physical and digital lives.

ARCEP (French regulator) on net neutrality for devices:

Devices give you a portion of the internet and prevent an open internet. "With net neutrality, we spend all our time cleaning pipes, but nobody is looking at faucets"

MIT study on reaction to banning all cell phones during class:

"The strongest and consistent emotion was  'anxiety'"

J. M. Korhonen on blockchain:

"As it stands, public blockchain is very much a kludgy solution looking for non-existent problem, namely lack of trusted intermediaries in finance and accounting"

Quotes of the Week 026

Robert Clark (via Light Reading) on China's 5G advantage:

"But there's nothing to suggest China has opened up a 5G gap over the rest of the world, let alone the US"

IDEO on CEO's business challenges:

"The old methods are incapable of preparing you for what we are seeing today—the most volatile and disruptive business climate the world has ever known"

Heavy Reading report on telco automation:

"About 40% of Council members expect a 15-20% reduction in staff as a result of automation"

Mari Silbey (Light Reading) on AT&T's proposal to sell its data centres:

"AT&T has likely reached the conclusion that it can't effectively scale and differentiate on the delivery of data center services"

TheAtlantic on self-driving trucks' effect on jobs:

"Trucking jobs will not be endangered by autonomous driving, and in the brightest scenarios there may be an increase in trucking jobs as more self-driving vehicles are introduced"

WARC report on UK advertising spend in 3Q17:

"Almost one in four pounds spent on advertising went to mobile, which posted year-on-year growth of 30.7% to £1.3bn … driven by advertisers looking to reach consumers via search results and social feeds"

Bob Evans (Forbes) on Google's $15bn enterprise cloud problem:

"The Big 3:  Microsoft  ($18.6bn), Amazon ($17.5bn) and IBM ($17.0bn).  Google Cloud Platform's disclosure of $4bn forward-looking revenue run rate leaves GCP about $15bn behind"

Wüst, Karl, and Arthur Gervais: advice on blockchains:


Tom Nolle (CIMI Corp) on telco Opex vs. CapEx:

"In 2017, they ran about 24 cents on each revenue dollar across all network operators, which is more than the total capital budget of operators"

Qualcomm on 5G phones:

"Phone makers might be able to save money by equipping 5G phones with less storage, because they'll be able to go straight to the cloud to instantly download anything you might want to store"

Neville Ray (CTO, T-Mobile) on 5G:

"We'll launch... as soon as... smartphones are available, which will be the first half of 2019"

John Perry Barlow:

"The Internet is the most liberating tool for humanity ever invented, and also the best for surveillance. It's not one or the other. It's both"

James Vacca (NYC Council member) on the role of AI in public depts:

"If we're going to be governed by machines and algorithms and data, well, they better be transparent" 

Kai Stinchcombe (CEO True Link Financial):

"It would take 5,000 nuclear reactors to run Visa on the blockchain"

Quotes of the Week 025

Benedict Evans (VC, a16z) on Apple's investment in content:

"Apple is dipping a few more toes into the water in Hollywood. I think these shows will be marketing, not strategic, though"

Report from Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Innovation Institute:

"Before the advent of dockless bike-sharing in Chinese cities, cycling accounted for 5.5% of transport miles. It has now more than doubled to 11.6%"

John Delaney (IDC Europe) on telco customer pain points:

"Consistently, two things come up as the most important things. One of them is price, and the other one is coverage"

Mo Katibeh (CMO, AT&T Business) on their large fibre footprint:

"It all starts with fiber. Fiber accelerates everything that businesses need to digitally transform. Without fiber, innovative solutions like highly-secure networking, cloud computing and 5G wouldn't be possible"

John Stephens (CFO, AT&T) on their USD 23bn CAPEX for 2018:

"Much of that is targeted for fiber deployment"

Randall Stephenson (T&T Chairman, President and CEO):

"We're very bullish on video. Our customers are consuming more video, not less"

Rob Powell (Telkom Rambings) on the idea of a US National 5G network:

"The coalition that arises against the idea will be pretty interesting.  There will be some new bedfellows to be sure"

Ajit Pai on national 5G:

"costly and counterproductive"

Dr. Alicia Abella (VP Technology, AT&T) on most revolutionary technologies:

"LTE on smartphones, cloud and 5G combined with edge cloud"

McKinsey on AI:

"Training now accounts for about 95% of AI-related workloads in the public cloud because most AI applications are still relatively immature and require huge amounts of data to refine them"

Hans-Christian Schwingen (Deutsche Telekom, Chief Brand Officer):

"Brand and sales are two sides of the same coin"

Dean Bubley on opportunities for telco IoT:

"What is little discussed is how a proportion of IoT solutions will, in fact, link into and drive more usage of traditional communications – increasingly meaning IMS/VoLTE where a 4G connection is involved, for example"


"Almost every programming problem I knew of back in the 1990s is now solved. The main exception, 'distributed computing is really complicated and nobody has any idea how to make it work reliably' is now everybody's day job"

Quotes of the Week 024

Deena Zaidi via VentureBeat on the ethics of AI:

"Human judgment will remain central to business decisions for some time to come"

Tim Hoettges (Deutsche Telekom CEO) on 5G:

"We will not be selling data packages alone -- we are participating in the solution space. Our ecosystem is changing into a model where we participate on the revenue"

Daniel Cooper (via Engadget) on the privacy concerns of Amazon Go:

"There's also the fact that Amazon, a company that never met a piece of data it didn't like, is going to learn so much from this project"

New Street Research (via Light Reading) on Verizon's 5G plans:

"Verizon would need ~360k nodes to address ~32m households with FWB and 430k nodes when incorporating the FiOS markets [45m homes total]. Verizon's capital expenditure would hit $22 billion over the 7yr expansion period"

ARK Research on Mobility-as-a-Service:

"MaaS should be valued today at $1 — 3 trn"

Stephen Cass:

"5G is likely to become the glue that binds many of our critical technologies together, which will put mobile carriers at the center of modern global civilization in a big way"

@typesfast on Amazon Go:

"I'm in Seattle and there is currently a line to shop at the grocery store whose entire premise is that you won't have to wait in line"

David Ohrn (AT&T):

"Don't use the cloud to define your business strategy, but use the cloud to execute your business strategy"

App Annie on Google Play versus App Store:

"Google Play downloads topped 19 billion in Q4 2017, a new record.. that leads App Store by 145%"

Hannah Taub on why companies are not using Serverless:

"Cold starts causing 100ms for startup alone starts to drag…when a user application needs a latency of less than 50ms"

Clinical study of rising depression and suicide rates in US teens:

"I found that all of the possibilities traced back to a major change in teens' lives: the sudden ascendance of the smartphone"

Quotes of the Week 023

Ashish Sinha via NextBigWhat e-commmerce recommendations:

"When you order a paintbrush from Amazon, Amazon recommends more paintbrushes.  When you order a paintbrush from Alibaba, Alibaba recommends art classes"

RapidTVNews on the business model of Cisco's new DocSIS box:

"IBU licensing is aligned to the number of subscribers across the network, so licence investment is highly aligned to revenues"

His Excellency Dr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh on what makes a successful SmartCity:

"This is an evolving question — it's a living animal. Today my concentration is social impact. A smart city cannot be for the citizens if it doesn't serve its human purposes"

Steven Sinofsky (via Medium), why big companies are vulnerable to smaller ones:

"Leadership tends to see more risk in downside of the current plan rather than upside in taking on new things"

Iain Morris (LightReading) on 5G at MWC'18:

"If MWC 2017 served up 5G as a concept in search of an application, the theme of MWC 2018 threatens to be the disappointing radio reality swaddled in layers of shopworn marketing"

Dataxis report on Pay-TV subscribers at end of 2017:

"The total pay-TV sector amounted to 1.073bn subscribers, a compound annual growth of 1.2%"

John Saw (Sprint, CTO) on 5G mmWave:

"What we've seen so far of millimeter wave tests suggests signal ranges of a quarter of a mile or less"

TechCrunch on rumoured Verizon OTT video:

"From what we understand, the service will see Verizon focus on packaging video content in "channels" that could take the form of standalone apps, which would be distributed beyond the company's FiOS broadband service"

Steven Wright:

"Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it"

Stephen Cass:

"5G is likely to become the glue that binds many of our critical technologies together, which will put mobile carriers at the center of modern global civilization in a big way"