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419ers go Chinese

It's a first for me, but after many entreaties from widows of dead African despots, our dear friends from Lagos have gone Chinese with a yarn about a Narcotics cop who needs to liquidise his accumulated kick backs:

Dear Friend,

My name is Mou Xinsheng (Former Minister of General Administration of 
Customs of the Peoples Republic of China) Forgive me if you see my business 
proposal as shameful and not honourable because of my governmental status.

OPML: RSS import and export to MacOS

My digital life seems to be on big RSS feed these days. I get my news, twitters and all my blogs via RSS feeds, some directly into and some via rss2email.Since Leopard (10.5) added basic RSS feed support in, at least we now have the option of something approaching convergence of e-mail and RSS. I hate having to have a separate application open just for RSS (i.e. NetNewsWire) and I need the option of permanently archiving some of the better feeds for my technical archive. doesn't support import or export of RSS very well (no export and limited import via Safari bookmarks) so I created a pair of python scripts under Creative Commons license. Feedback and bug reports are welcome:

ExportFeeds version 1.0 Creative Commons
ImportFeeds version 1.0 Creative Commons

Quartz ScreenSaver Goodies

Hat tip to LifeHacker for a Twitter visualisation screensaver Easter Egg. Their instructions are incomplete; their method will give a blank screen. You need to copy the contents of folder (3 items):

Linksys with Tomato sauce

My Linksys WRT54G (V1.1) wireless router has delivered faithful service for many years but for such a capable computing platform, it gets little attention from Cisco. The US firmware version is 4.21.1 (Jan07), while the official UK version is still at 4.20.8 (Oct05). The real issues are claims that 3rd-party firmware runs faster with more features and the original firmware is missing a couple of really nice to have functions, specifically:

• better noise floor and interference management tools
• comprehensive connected device lists to check for intruders.

AppleTV v2.0.2 update

Apple pushed out v2.0.2 today and so I applied it immediately. You have to give Apple credit for the incredible easy of updating complex software (no EULAs, etc) but there's no Release Notes either. Quick reaction: the irritating menu scrolling (where it becomes unresponsive while it fetches the thumbnail preview) seems better (max 1sec pause?), but not cured.

GMail: All Mail, Duplicates and

I use GMail for all my mailing list subscriptions with Apple's as the desktop client using IMAP. It's not a bad combination but there are a couple of annoyances that are becoming severe irritants.

AppleTV v2.0.1 update

Apple quietly rolled out AppleTV 2.0.1 today. I updated mine and all seems well but none of my problems have been fixed. The Movie menu scrolling is still painfully slow as it pauses to get the thumbnail preview and the menus are still awkward. Ho hum.

Kohjinsha SH6: SP1 + BlueTooth

I should have guessed after all the problems getting it working in the first place but post-SP1 install, my BlueTooth mouse stopped working again. It took an Uninstall / Install of BlueSoleil 5.0.5 to restore function. Remember to turn off the BT hardware before doing the install.

MacOS Applications for Switchers

John Chow's blog had a guest post on 10 apps for switchers for ex-Windows users with a new Mac. Having just helped someone do exactly this, I thought I'd compare notes:

Kohjinsha SH6: Vista SP1

Perhaps rashly, I just opened Windows Update >> Get Updates and clicked Install.

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