Quotes of the Week 043

Chamath Palihapitiya on the claim that Facebook is a platform:

"This isn't a platform. A platform is when the economic value of everybody that uses it, exceeds the value of the company that creates it. Then it's a platform"

Ben Thompson (Stratechery):

"This is ultimately the most important distinction between platforms and aggregators: platforms are powerful because they facilitate a relationship between 3rd-party suppliers and end users; aggregators, on the other hand, intermediate and control it"

Kleiner Perkins:

"We use data to tell stories of business-related trends we focus on"

Tim Gong Yu (CEO, iQiyi):

"Our business model is more like Disney's than Netflix's"

Alex Sinclair (CTO, GSMA) on the maturing NB-IoT market:

"we anticipate that this will be the year that Mobile IoT scales. Only licensed, managed mobile services can provide the secure low power connection that can meet future demand"

Qualcomm & friends on their V2X technology:

"results show a significant range, reliability, and performance advantage of C-V2X direct communications, with more than twice the range and improved reliability compared to 802.11p radio technology"

Jon Evans on the state of AR/VR:

"I dropped by the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara this week, and my main takeaway was that the industry has essentially abandoned the consumer AR/VR space, at least for now. Everyone's aiming at AR/VR for work now"

CIMIcorp on the need for service lifecycle automation:

"Users cannot manage structurally diverse resource pools associated with virtualization; it's not possible for them to even know what is being done down there"

Bernard Arnault (CEO, LVMH):

"Champagne is eternal. Facebook, I don't know"

Quotes of the Week 042

Stefano Gastaut (IoT Chief, Vodafone) on NB-IoT:

"We have had to make bets like this before. Big bets like NB-IoT are the business of telecoms"

Neville Ray (CTO T-Mobile):

"it will cost '$1.5 trillion' for any carrier to consider a nationwide rollout of millimeter wave 5G in the US"

Verizon on T-Mobile's claim for the first US mmW 5G data transmission:


Bill Morrow (CEO, NBN) on their cancelling of 100Mbps service for all:

"the rollout of a network that would consistently achieve speeds of 100Mbps would cost 'billions and billions of dollars, the economics … [start] to actually break apart to a point where it doesn't make any sense … It would just never happen"

Sylwia Kechiche (GSMA Intelligence):

"IoT revenue opportunity is shifting away from simply connecting devices to addressing specific sectors with tailored solutions, and successful ecosystem players will need to adapt their business models in line with these market trends"

BBC on their coverage of FIFA 2018 in 4K:

"users should have at least a 40Mbps broadband ISP connection"

Faizel Lakhani (CEO, Guavus):

"People who are only selling pipes are the ones who will die"

Chuck Lorre (TV Producer) on Customer Experience:

"I don't know what my expectations are until they aren't met"

Quotes of the Week 041

Press Trust of India on average monthly data consumption:

"June 2014: 70.10MB.   Sept. 2017: 1.6GB"

James Feger (CenturyLink):

"Trust the automation so your best people can be put to work on other things"

Crunchbase heading:

"With at least $1.3bln invested globally in 2018, VC funding for blockchain blows past 2017 totals"

Toni Vitale (Winckworth Sherwood) on all those GDPR e-mails:

"if the business really does lack the necessary consent to communicate with you, it probably lacks the consent even to email to ask you to give it that consent"

Parks Associates:

"more than 50% of U.S. broadband households own a smart TV and more than 40% own a streaming media player"

Light Reading on Edge Computing by operators:

"If you think net neutrality arguments are nasty today, imagine what they'll look like if operators control both the computers that power, and the movement of data that's generated by: drones, cars, public safety systems, environmental sensors and much, much more"

James Feger (CenturyLink) on automation:

"it lets you put the best people on the most challenging problems"

Angus Ward (CEO, BearingPoint) on the closing of Telefónica Digital:

"Going back to their connectivity roots is what operators typically do when faced with adversity"


"all things being equal, consumers prefer a superior user experience. What is interesting about this attribute is that it is impossible to overshoot"

Quotes of the Week 040

Michel Combes (incoming CEO, T-Mobile) on their network aspirations:

"We intend within four to five years to reach 450Mbps average speed per subscriber" 

Magna (research firm) on US TV advertising decline:

"national ad sales fell 2.2% in 2017 and are forecast to decline at least 2% annually through to 2022"

Ralph Heim (VP Sonic Drive-In) on TV ad targeting:

"they're trying to create a more premium advertising experience for advertisers, and they're hoping that people will pay more, even though the audience is smaller" 

Remy Merckx (VP, Radisson Hotels):

"If something isn't working, change it. If Facebook can't deliver any more returns (for Radisson) then we will spend on other platforms"

Ted Sarandos (Chief Content Officer, Netflix):

"85% of the company's total spending is going to new shows and movies"

Andrew Haussegger (MD, Green Hat) on B2B social marketing:

"There's a content shock out there; too much content"

informitv Multiscreen Index:

"the leading ten US TV service providers lost over 200,000 subscribers between them in the first quarter of 2018"

Ibrahim Gedeon (CTO, Telus) on progress of cost reduction by NFV:

"We've dropped the price of hardware to a seventh but if you are adding to the price of software licenses you are not where you need to be"

Ed Morche (CenturyLink):

"SD-WAN is an area of major growth, 45% in the first quarter — most of its enterprise companies aren't abandoning MPLS-based virtual private networks for software-defined WANs, but they are combining the two"

American Medical Association:

"About $140bln is lost every year in the U.S. healthcare system thanks to inefficient management of basic internal operations"

NTT, announcing Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) multiplexing:

"the possibility of applying this principle to large-capacity wireless transmission at a level about 100 times that of LTE and Wi-Fi and about 5 times that of 5G scheduled for launch"

Bill De Blasio (Mayor NYC) announcing a task force on algorithms:

"It will develop a process to determine whether the automated systems are "fair," "equitable," and "accountable." It will also identify ways the algorithms' decision-making can be made more transparent"


"'chatbots' will handle 60% of customer contacts by the 2021 fiscal year, up from just 1% today"

Quotes of the Week 039

Lowell McAdam (CEO, Verizon Wireless) on announcing 5G in LA:

"5G is a lot closer than people think"

Gayle Levin (Riverbed Technologies) on using SD-WAN:

"Manage centrally, orchestrate globally, deploy remotely"

Ed Morche (CenturyLink) on 2B wireline customers complaints:

"Their feedback to me is that they can't even find a sales rep anymore. If I want to buy a handset, they're all over me, but if I want to go and add additional MPLS connections, I can't find any support'"

Ibrahim Gedeon (CTO, Telus) on telco virtualization:

"operators will face a 'crippling' spike in costs if trends persist… NFV has yet to live up to the original expectations and that exorbitant software maintenance costs are undermining the NFV business case"

Neil McRae (BT):

"the most transformational change in our industry it's not SDN. It's not NFV. It's this model-based concept with telemetry and network automation"

John Gruber on Google's Voice Assistant:

"It's uncanny how realistic this sounds, but I genuinely wonder if it's disingenuous to program an AI that hems and haws like a human. There's a genuine humanity to this voice, but is that dishonest?"

Shantanu Narayen (CEO, Adobe) on hyper-personalisation:

"People are buying experiences, not products"

Corey Pein:

"Science begins with doubt. Everything else is sales"

CNET headline:

"Is Elon Musk just an AI set on 'eccentric billionaire' mode?"