Kohjinsha UMPCs

Kohjinsha SH6: SP1 + BlueTooth

I should have guessed after all the problems getting it working in the first place but post-SP1 install, my BlueTooth mouse stopped working again. It took an Uninstall / Install of BlueSoleil 5.0.5 to restore function. Remember to turn off the BT hardware before doing the install.

Kohjinsha SH6: Vista SP1

Perhaps rashly, I just opened Windows Update >> Get Updates and clicked Install.

Kohjinsha SH6: extra battery runtime

I'm getting about 2.5 hours battery runtime on the Kohjinsha SH6 with the standard battery and there are scenarios where I want more. The standard battery is 2.6Ah @ 11.1 = 28Wh. There is a larger, double-size battery of 5.2Ah @ 11.1 = 58Wh. At the time I bought the SH6, I was quoted S$199 for an additional standard battery, although converting from the Yen price, S$160 sounds closer to the underlying cost. Still, a bit pricey for a single-use accessory.

Kohjinsha SH6: Mobile Internet

So I have a Kohjinsha UMPC for mobile computing but how do I get Internet access? Singapore's wireless@SG service is a boon though it's not blanket island coverage but rather a set of hotzones centered on shopping centres, libraries and other nexus. It also takes over pre-existing WiFi access points such as McDonalds. I find the service unreliable unless close in to a node, and the hotzones are just not enough coverage. I need 3G.

Kohjinsha SH6: Fixing the BlueSoleil BT stack

If you read my first post on the Kohjinsha SH6, you'll know I had major problems with the bundled BlueTooth stack provided by BlueSoleil. The BT mouse I bought in Low Yat Plaza, KL never worked. I could discover the mouse, pair it and even select HID bindings. The status display showed it exchanging data bytes as I wiggled the mouse, but the cursor never moved. The mouse worked first time on my Mac.

Kohjinsha SH6: Selection & Review

Long story short, I bought a Kohjinsha SH6 UMPC. I wanted (needed even) a small, light, portable computer for mobile blogging, travel, business meetings and presentations. It needed WiFi, a decent keyboard and ability to run non-trivial applications like OpenOffice and and SSH client.

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