OPML: RSS import and export to MacOS Mail.app

OPML: RSS import and export to MacOS Mail.app

My digital life seems to be on big RSS feed these days. I get my news, twitters and all my blogs via RSS feeds, some directly into Mail.app and some via rss2email.Since Leopard (10.5) added basic RSS feed support in Mail.app, at least we now have the option of something approaching convergence of e-mail and RSS. I hate having to have a separate application open just for RSS (i.e. NetNewsWire) and I need the option of permanently archiving some of the better feeds for my technical archive.

Mail.app doesn't support import or export of RSS very well (no export and limited import via Safari bookmarks) so I created a pair of python scripts under Creative Commons license. Feedback and bug reports are welcome:

ExportFeeds version 1.0 Creative Commons
ImportFeeds version 1.0 Creative Commons

There are some other scripts and utilities out there, e.g. export by shell command, php and import by perl script, more perl, and so on. The issues I wanted to solve were:

  • Simple operation; one terminal command
  • OPML file format for full compatibility
  • Fully preserve nested mailboxes, both ways

NB. I used python because I am currently evaluating Google's AppEngine which is strictly python at the moment and there's nothing like real work to drive the learning process. I've touched python scripts a few times but I'm better with perl, shell scripts and even ruby so go easy with any coding style comments please. Enjoy. Nigel.