Quotes of the Week 000

Quotes of the Week 000

Australia’s NBN reaches 50% of homes (via nbn co):

"The biggest issue now for the NBN is not just completing the build by 2020, but educating Aussies about what the NBN is and why they need – or have – to connect”

Mari Silbey, LightReading:

"But by far, most of Internet TV is still a chaotic mess. And I suspect it will only get worse before it gets better"

Malcolm Rodrigues, MyRepublic CEO on launching an MVNO:

"We received calls from two telcos "days after" TPG won the fourth telco licence (in Singapore). The objective is make it as difficult as possible for TPG to be successful”

Stephen Casner (NASA) on autonomous vehicles:

“News flash: Cars in 2017 equal airplanes in 1983”

Huawei paying double national wage for grads in Japan (via forbes):

"It is not Huawei's salary is high, but Japan's salary is too low”

Stacy Mitchell:

"Last year, Amazon captured nearly $1 of every $2 Americans spent online. As recently as 2015, most people looking to buy something online started at a search engine. Today, a majority go straight to Amazon"

On understanding AI (Mark Riedl, Georgia Institute of Technology):

"If we can't ask … why they do something and get a reasonable response back, people will just put it back on the shelf"

On the power grid’s response to a recent heatwave (Don Harwin, energy minister, NSW):

“Clean energy performed as forecast. Thermal generation did not”