Quotes of the Week 005

Quotes of the Week 005

Anthony Bartolo, president of business collaboration, mobility and IoT for Tata Communications:

"telcos lack the 'domain expertise' to be smart-city experts on their own. They need the support of an ecosystem, "because it's not like Lego pieces ... The reality is that there's complexity in each of the domains. The telco has a role, but that doesn't mean it plays up and down the stack"

Wheelus, AT&T, Vice President of cloud and D2 platform integration:

"In order to be successful, we have to be intentional about automation and it needs to be pervasive across our system design. AI and machine learning can be viewed as the evolution of automation capabilities that have existed in the past"

Video content spend, 2016:

"Netflix $6b. Amazon Prime ~$4.5 billion. Hulu $2.5b"

@randyshoup on predictive maintenance:

"Interesting idea of a *Negative* MTTR by @adrianco: notice something is going to fail and proactively fix it before it breaks!"

Smart Cities Defy Cookie-Cutter Connectivity (Light Reading):

"The question was a running theme during a panel hosted by Hewlett Packard Enterprise…panelists pointed out that smart cities are challenging because the demand comes from the specific needs of each city. There's no universal template to apply"

Steven Mollenkopf, Qualcomm CEO:

"You will see 5G in real devices, on the shelf, in 2019”

Digiday:  Comcast puts its OTT play Watchable on life support"

"Why have all of these [video] platforms and portals struggled? Simply put, people still prefer to watch videos on YouTube and perhaps, more recently, on Facebook”

Kevin O'Toole, SVP of product management for Comcast Business:

[Telecom operators, on the other hand, are] "really big and they're really good at what they do ... but they are conflicted because they have a giant installed base of MPLS. .. it can't help but cloud what they do or what they stand for in front of their customers”

Light Reading: Irdetro eliminates the STB:

"In partnership with Vestel… the collaboration sees the first implementation of Irdeto's newly launched TV Cloaked CA solution, which will allow consumers to access premium pay TV services directly through their TVs without the need for a separate STB”

Faz Aftab, ITV director, commercial, technology and operations online (UK):

"But traditional is still king… 82% of TV consumption is still via live TV”


"SD-WAN prioritization features are also a camel’s nose for NFV’s virtual CPE (vCPE) model"

EU report on economic effects of digital media piracy (via TechDirt):

“...people turn to unauthorized downloads for films and TV because they feel the street prices are too high. For books, music and games, by contrast, the prices were felt to be fair, and therefore people were happy to pay them"