Quotes of the Week 006

Quotes of the Week 006

Medium on Serverless:

"DevOps is a response to another problem space — microservices — and not fully applicable to serverless as many microservice assumptions no longer hold. Taking away “ssh to the box” alone retires half of DevOps tooling”

Alessandro Acquisti, professor of information technology at Carnegie Mellon University:

"What you are describing is called secondary implicit disclosed information… Personal data is the fuel of the economy. Consumers' data is being traded and transacted for the purpose of advertising”

ITbusinessEdge on G.fast:

"Gfast, in short, becomes a partner and enabler of fiber, not a competitor”

AT&T comment on Cat-M versus NB-IoT:

"When there's a benefit of NB-IoT that can't be replicated by Cat M, then we'll be interested”

Leichtman Research Group:

"the percentage of TV households that subscribe to some form of pay-TV service has fallen below 80% for first time since the early 2000s”

Frank Rayal (commenting on IEEE conference):

"Latency is the new focus instead of capacity. But what latency is really needed? Who needs sub 1 msec latency? Not the automotive industry!”

cimicorp on MEC:

"Event processing is serverless not because it simplifies cloud billing, but because you can’t have persistent processes managing transitory things"

Jim Sabey, head of connect and compute sales specialists, BT Americas:

"The customers I've talked to on a daily basis, and the team that I head up, we're hearing that they're a little hesitant to just jump in and do an overnight switch from traditional MPLS to SD-WAN technologies. They want a phased approach"

MoffettNathanson LLC analysts on Dish financials:

“with an estimated 9% annual decline in the satellite TV provider's video subscribers, Dish's core business is now almost certainly worth less than its accumulated debt"

Juniper Research (via VentureBeat):

"39 percent of all companies, including 56 percent of companies with more than 20,000 employees, were either considering deploying, or were in the process of deploying, blockchain solutions"

Naval Ravikant (via Twitter):

"Social media makes it easier to signal wealth via conspicuous consumption. Consuming food, travel, clothing on Instagram and Facebook"

A healthcare VC on AI applied to medicine (via TheRegister):

"It's not happening today, and it might not be happening in five years. And it's not going to replace doctors"