Quotes of the Week 007

Quotes of the Week 007

Weissman joking on G.fast versus fibre:

"The only service currently requiring gigabit-speed connectivity is a speed test"

Ray Watson, Masergy:

"NFV itself is a category of solutions. It's not a displacement technology, it's not going to displace every single appliance that's out there"

Fred Oliveira, Verizon:

Early VNFs have been "just a simple, direct port of what was on the bare metal environments, and we're trying to improve that in several different ways,.. part of the value of the environment is automation, and automation has to be driven by some level of orchestration"


"seeing more & more indicators these days that devops as a unifying idea is now dead. devops appears now to be ops who can write simple code"


"Processing a bitcoin transaction consumes more than 5,000 times as much energy as using a Visa credit card"


"you are as reliable as the weakest component in your stack...and people are a really weak component"

Mathew Carter on Typography:

"Type is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters"

Jeffrey Blackburn, Amazon Senior Vice President:

"Finding massive global hits like 'Game of Thrones' is a priority. We’re increasing our investment in that type of original content"