Quotes of the Week 008

Quotes of the Week 008

Mark Mahaney of RBC Capital Markets on Netflix price increase:

"Pricing power has increased materially over the past few years as their content slate and technology has improved. The content, not price, is the leading churn/churn-back factor among Netflix subs”

Verizon’s Oliveira, a fellow in Verizon's Network Technology Planning group:

"We spend most of our time managing the low-level VNFs, which are individual network elements. One of our challenges is moving away from that and describing a service that can be automated and deployed automatically"

Light Reading on Ericsson’s latest ConsumerLab report:

"Not surprisingly, one of the key new features desired by consumers is universal search"

Steve Jobs

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

TechCrunch on Smart Cities:

"In order to evolve into a city that fully realizes the potential of the internet, delivering real, tangible benefits to its inhabitants, cities will go through three phases: 1) They first need to collect data about their environment, 2) They need to process that data, and finally, 3) They need to take corresponding real-time action. My shorthand is: See, Think, Do.”

Joke via theinformedbroker:

There’s an automated car plant in Japan, where the machines work in the dark (no need for light, they don’t have eyes) and there are only two living things authorized to be on the factory floor – a man and a dog:

Q: What’s the man there for?

A: His job is to feed the dog.

Q: What’s the dog for?

A: The dog keeps the man from touching any of the machines.