Quotes of the Week 010

Quotes of the Week 010

Andrew Ng (former Baidu chief scientist) on Killer AI:

"worrying about killer robots is like worrying about overpopulation on Mars—we’ll have plenty of time to figure it out"

Jack Ma (founder and chairman of Alibaba) on Internet speed in the Philippines:

"It’s no good"

Chuck Hollis (Oracle cloud evangelist) on public cloud:

"I think Microsoft did a solid job with Azure.  If anything, I personally see it more of a relevant competitive threat to Oracle’s ambitions than anything AWS or Google could muster up.  Too soon for me to have an opinion on Huawei”

Kevin Nethercott (Telestax VP of business development) on CPaaS market:

“How much money do (telco) operators make on those? Zero.”

Mike McTighe (Openreach’s Chairman) on copper access:

“We are getting to the point where the copper will run out of steam”, and there’s a need to focus on "full fibre" (FTTP/H), but he warned that this could only be done with ISP support and "increases in wholesale pricing"

MoffettNathanson LLC (analysts) on AT&T’s revenue from DirecTV:

"there's almost no way AT&T is earning a profit from the service given programming costs and heavy price discounts”. Instead, DirecTV Now customers "are almost certainly coming in at a negative margin, making their gains worthless at best and deeply dilutive at worst”

Todd Yellin (Netflix head of product) on its granular approach to personalization:

"Netflix adapts its poster art and marketing for the show Stranger Things based on the types of content a viewer likes. Fans of action movies see one image, viewers of comedies see another and documentary enthusiasts see different images"

Graham Smith (lawyer & author of Cyberleagle blog) on regulating internet platforms:

"The Three Laws of Internet Intermediaries:

1: Anything you agree to do will never be enough

2: Whatever you agree to do, you will be taken to task over transparency and accountability

3: However many you placate, there will be another one along tomorrow"