Quotes of the Week 013

Quotes of the Week 013

David Hughes (PCCW Global):

Telecom today is "actually three businesses that run in parallel. Yes, you do have a legacy business but secondly, you need to be working on businesses that attract rapid growth and that model has different tools, different processes, different skills. Thirdly, you have to also be developing the things that might be coming in five to ten years, the bets"

Wired, on suggestion that facebook APPs are listening to your conversations:

"Feasibility, ubiquity, and efficacy: Those filters demolish almost every Facebook conspiracy theory you'll ever hear"

Arpit Joshipura, general manager of Networking & Orchestration for the Linux Foundation:

"ONAP is a platform, not a product… we are not here to provide a solution or product"

Bruno Jacobfeuerborn (Deutsche Telekom CTO):

...a full fibre rollout is "too costly and it maybe takes too long"

VentureBeat on job automation replacing workers:

"IBM, for example, has chosen to tech-wash AI and re-brand it as 'Augmented Intelligence,' augmenting rather than replacing humans in tasks that require intelligence"

Tod Sizer (VP at Nokia Bell Labs) on using 5G for broadband service to homes:

"The idea of this solving the rural problem is folly. There are too many trees"

Arnold Kling assessing Kurzweil's 20year old technology predictions:

"There is considerable cultural drag.  Kurzweil predicted that by 2019 there would be parts of the road system dedicated exclusively to self-driving cars.  One can argue that the technology is here to do that, but the culture is not ready to accept the idea"

Börje Ekholm on the Cisco partnership (to generate $1bln in incremental revenues by 2018):

"The Cisco partnership will not meet the goal set two years ago"

Eric Schmidt (Google Chairman):

"The gap between the [US] government, in terms of their understanding of software, let alone AI, is so large that it's almost hopeless"


"It is not possible to accurately determine what speed the NBN can deliver to a customer prior to connection"

Reed Hastings (CEO of Netflix):

"You get a show or a movie you're really dying to watch, and you end up staying up late at night, so we actually compete with sleep"

Derek Thompson on the rumour that Disney will acquire part of 21st Century Fox:

"A 'Disneyflix' with Lucasfilm + Marvel + Pixar + Disney Animation + Disney Channel + ABC + 20c Fox + FX would be … attractive"

Igal Elbaz (AT&T VP Ecosystems & Innovation) on their 5G test zone in Silicon Valley:

"a place where we can start testing and identifying and iterating on the right architecture, the right companies to work with, who will be interesting in offloading their computation,  and what would be the business case"

ZDnet on the latest TOP500 Supercomputer list:

"Today, it finally happened: All 500 of the world's fastest supercomputers are running Linux"

Bruce Schneier on IoT security:

"We're building a robot the size of the world and most people don't even realize it"