Quotes of the Week 015

Quotes of the Week 015

Nick Gliddon, (Director Vodafone Business Services) on NB-IoT in India:

"In terms of potential for IoT, we would focus on healthcare, education, energy, and automotive"

Gideon Greenspan (CEO of Coin Sciences):

"If your requirements are fulfilled by today's relational databases, you'd be insane to use a blockchain"

Fahim Sabir (director of architecture and development, Colt UK) on automation:

"Data quality is the silent killer… the thing that absolutely hurts"

Scientific American on Smart Cities:

"The current reality of smart cities is that there aren't any. At the end of the day, most so-called smart cities are just cities with a few or several standout smart projects"

Brian Gallagher on the attention economy:

"Modern media Is a DoS attack on your free will"

Aberdeen Group report on B2B buyers:

"First B2B buyers are still focused on cost and ROI… second, many of the buyers appear to be taking a more strategic approach to buying decisions, once basic financial criteria are satisfied"

Credit Suisse report:

(the world's) "7 biggest companies are worth $4.3 trillion"

Zahid Ghadialy commenting on the London uRLLC conference:

"Ultra-reliable (UR) may have different use cases then low latency communication (LLC). Lumping them together in URLLC is not helpful"

Vodafone CTO via Dimitris Mavrakis on 5G:

"Will 5G be like 2G and 4G, or like 3G?". Now, it's like 3G, designing use cases and apps that nobody knows if they will be successful (e.g. 3G video calling). 2G and 4G were all about letting users/developers create their own"

(attributed to) Marc Andressen:

"The truest form of a partnership is called a purchase order"

Eldar Tuzmukhametov (head of Moscow Smart City Lab) on blockchain:

"We are waiting for blockchain productivity to increase. The generation of unique codes is currently rather low"