Quotes of the Week 016

Quotes of the Week 016

Erzsébet Fitori (director of the FTTH Council Europe) on Germany's love of copper:

The lack of modern digital infrastructure is "very risky for Germany as a leading economy, and there's an increasing competitive risk"

VentureBeat on autonomous vehicles:

"Another barrier to AV adoption is cybersecurity — nobody wants a 2,000-pound object traveling at 65 miles an hour in the hands of hackers"

Simon Schmincke (VC at Creandum) on the surging success of eSports:

"The prejudice of esports is still that this is a format for 15 year old boys. Far from it. This is mass market"

nFx (a VC) via Medium:

"The short answer: over the past 23 years, network effects have accounted for approximately 70% of the value creation in tech"

NetFlix on their backend systems:

"100s of microservices; 1000s of daily production changes; 10,000s of instances; 100,000s of customer interactions / min; 1,000,000s of customers; 1,000,000,000s of metrics; 10s of engineers"

LightReading on xRAN specification:

"As operators start to develop truly multivendor networks, smaller specialized RAN players might be able to break into a part of the network market that has been dominated by Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia and ZTE in recent years"

AT&T, 'In Building the Network of the Future':

..while NFV provides an opportunity to reduce opex and improve customer experience, it introduces additional layers of operational complexity that "put more onus on the operator to integrate technologies that were traditionally integrated by a vendor"

AMDOCS (via LightReading) on telco's NFV concerns:

"Security (20%) is always a popular concern -- no one ever got fired for worrying about security risks"

François Chollet (via Medium) on an intelligence explosion:

"In particular, there is no such thing as "general" intelligence. On an abstract level, we know this for a fact via the 'no free lunch' theorem  that no problem-solving algorithm can outperform random chance across all possible problems"

Ashish Sinha (via NextBigWhat) on the 4 stages of 0 -> 1 products:

"Stage 1: Define your People Outcomes;  Stage 2: get Product-Market Fit;  Stage 3: Reconciliation;  Stage 4: Growth"

Verizon, on their 2018 launch of residential 5G service in Sacramento:

"Verizon estimates the market opportunity for initial 5G residential broadband services to be approximately 30 million households nationwide"