Quotes of the Week 017

Quotes of the Week 017

Juniper Research, 5G forecast:

"1.4 billion 5G connections by 2025, an increase from just 1 million in 2019, the anticipated first year of commercial launch"

Karri Kuoppamaki (T-Mobile) on their NB-IoT Strategy:

"We will support LTE-M also, for the use cases that make sense"

Chad Thompson (Verizon) on their Virtual Network Services - One:

"...is to deliver a billing experience for customers similar to their experience with Fios Internet or their cell phone bill where the bill for hardware and software is automatically bundled"

Sahil Sharma (via NextBigWhat) on NeuroMarketing:

"Your customer has three brains – Reptilian, Mammalian and New/Human Brain. In order to make your marketing effort successful, you must appeal to all the three of them in the correct order"

#E4G5G workshop via Dean Bubley:

"If enterprises cannot get private mmWave #spectrum for in-building / on-site private #5G use, expect them to use #wigig instead"

FierceCable on lower city tax revenues from cord cutting:

"local governments across the country are clearly aware of the potential (if not the actuality) of diminishing franchise fee revenues, and are looking at other options. One plan under consideration by many is adopting taxes on streaming video services"

cimicorp on telco's need to urgently reduce cost/bit:

"First, … that leaves operators with only the option of targeting costs, near-term.  Second, operator initiatives to address costs have proven very complex because many of their costs aren't service- or even technology-specific"

Iain Morris, Light Reading, on the fragility of BT's big video strategy:

"Without football, and a smattering of other sports, BT's TV service is an underwhelming buffet of free-to-air shows and movies that are mostly obtainable from the much cheaper Netflix & Amazon"

Benedict Evans on the 25yr anniversary of the first SMS:

"The global SMS system peaked at maybe 20bn messages a day. WhatsApp and WeChat combined are now at over 100bn"

Sharon White (CEO of Ofcom) on BT's assets to support mass FTTP rollout:

"BT owns a vast network of cable ducts and around 90% of them have space to lay new fibre optic cable … That would take the average cost of providing a home or business with full fibre from around £500 to £250"

Via RapidTVNews on success for China's home-produced TV:

"Netflix has also secured the rights in Southeast Asia to the iQIYI crime series Burning Ice, produced by Han Sanping and starring Chinese art house favourite Qin Hao"

Iain Morris, Light Reading, on the FCC's netneutrality policy:

"In the meantime, the problem that net neutrality is meant to address is already upon us -- and not because of legislative shortcomings on net neutrality. Amazon, Google, Facebook & Microsoft, the four horsemen of the technopocalypse, are omnipresent and unavoidable"