Quotes of the Week 019

Quotes of the Week 019

Matt Ellis (CFO Verizon) on FTTH competition from Altice:

"Altice's plans for FTTH validates what we have been doing for over 10 years and the value it brings and the things you can do with fiber that you can't do with other technologies"

TelecomRamblings on telco's new revenue challenges:

"IoT service is more an ecosystem from device vendors, software vendors, IT service providers, telecom and cloud service providers, rather than a standalone solution"

O'Reilly book 'When hardware meets software':

"In the Internet of Things, what's old is new, and what's new happens much faster"


"With great elasticity comes great responsibility"

KPMG (via DataMatics, Robotic Process Automation, 2016 report):

"Up to 75% cost can be reduced by implementing RPA in any project or business"

FierceWireless on the similarities between marketing WiMAX and 5G:

"The problem 5G might have is ambition. The new business models 5G is being built for are often outside of operators' reach and will require partners"

Heavy Reading survey of telcos on TV and video services:

"Some 12 of those stakeholders agreed that having a video offering was critical for telcos, even if the return on investment was not substantial.  One of the main drivers is that video anchors the triple-play bundle.  Operators also need to find ways to monetize traffic"

NetFlix (via their tech blog):

"This is yet another way Netflix differs from traditional media offerings: we don't have one product but over a 100 million different products with one for each of our members with personalized recommendations and personalized visuals"

@Alex Lindsay

"30 years ago you couldn't get cash on Sunday. Now you can send cash on your watch"

Tom Siebel on AI:

"AI is the endgame of much of the most talked-about technologies alongside it today. I think the cloud, [internet of things], big data, devices — those are just enablers"

Brian Guthrie (Slice director of Engineering) on DevOps:

DevOps isn't "a job title, a software tool, a team name, or magic enterprise fairy dust, but rather a set of practices that encourage continuous integration into production"

Karl Blanks on marketing best practice:

"Ask your current customers:   What nearly stopped you buying from us?"

Forbes on current ICO trend:

"If anything should be a red flag, it's Paris Hilton promoting an enterprise-focused blockchain application"

Vishal Augustine (Huawei) on the 3 pillars of telco transformation:

"1.  increasing choice for consumers     2. improving efficiency    3. creating a better customer experience"