Quotes of the Week 021

Quotes of the Week 021

Nigerian saying on their layered work environment:

"You have a 9 to 5, a 5 to 9 and a weekend job"

Deloitte's 'Evolution of Blockchain Technology: Insights from the GitHub Platform':

"26,000 blockchain projects launched in 2016, 92% are now dead"

Fortune magazine on blockchain at IBM:

"Demand for the technology is growing so much that it will be one of the largest users of capacity next year at about 60 data centers"

Sterling Perrin (Heavy Reading) on optics business in 2018:

"Be afraid. Wireless infrastructure will hit the valley between completed 4G builds and coming 5G rollouts"

DemandGen B2B Report:

"59% say they now have formal business groups or buying committees in place to review purchases.  

Barry Levine on the changing role of marketing:

"In many ways, marketing is looking, sounding and feeling less like its traditional role of "demand generation" and more like 'experience management'"

Azeem Azhar on adoption of AI in 2018:

"Firms which view AI not as a tool with which to expand their offerings but merely to cut costs will become lords of an ever-diminishing manor"

Scott Brinker (via CustomerThink):

"But arguably the biggest news in vertical competition at the end of 2017, at least here in the US, was the FCC repealing net neutrality"

Doc Searls on starting the second phase of the VRM manifesto:

"At the end of it, our original thesis—that free customers are more valuable than captive ones—will either prove out or wait for other projects to do the job"

Jeremy Horowitz (VentureBeat) on the price point for an LTE watch subscription:

"The short answer? $5 or less. A monthly tablet plan with 1GB of data costs around $10, and the perceived monthly value of a wearable is lower"