Quotes of the Week 023

Quotes of the Week 023

Ashish Sinha via NextBigWhat e-commmerce recommendations:

"When you order a paintbrush from Amazon, Amazon recommends more paintbrushes.  When you order a paintbrush from Alibaba, Alibaba recommends art classes"

RapidTVNews on the business model of Cisco's new DocSIS box:

"IBU licensing is aligned to the number of subscribers across the network, so licence investment is highly aligned to revenues"

His Excellency Dr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh on what makes a successful SmartCity:

"This is an evolving question — it's a living animal. Today my concentration is social impact. A smart city cannot be for the citizens if it doesn't serve its human purposes"

Steven Sinofsky (via Medium), why big companies are vulnerable to smaller ones:

"Leadership tends to see more risk in downside of the current plan rather than upside in taking on new things"

Iain Morris (LightReading) on 5G at MWC'18:

"If MWC 2017 served up 5G as a concept in search of an application, the theme of MWC 2018 threatens to be the disappointing radio reality swaddled in layers of shopworn marketing"

Dataxis report on Pay-TV subscribers at end of 2017:

"The total pay-TV sector amounted to 1.073bn subscribers, a compound annual growth of 1.2%"

John Saw (Sprint, CTO) on 5G mmWave:

"What we've seen so far of millimeter wave tests suggests signal ranges of a quarter of a mile or less"

TechCrunch on rumoured Verizon OTT video:

"From what we understand, the service will see Verizon focus on packaging video content in "channels" that could take the form of standalone apps, which would be distributed beyond the company's FiOS broadband service"

Steven Wright:

"Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it"

Stephen Cass:

"5G is likely to become the glue that binds many of our critical technologies together, which will put mobile carriers at the center of modern global civilization in a big way"