Quotes of the Week 025

Quotes of the Week 025

Benedict Evans (VC, a16z) on Apple's investment in content:

"Apple is dipping a few more toes into the water in Hollywood. I think these shows will be marketing, not strategic, though"

Report from Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Innovation Institute:

"Before the advent of dockless bike-sharing in Chinese cities, cycling accounted for 5.5% of transport miles. It has now more than doubled to 11.6%"

John Delaney (IDC Europe) on telco customer pain points:

"Consistently, two things come up as the most important things. One of them is price, and the other one is coverage"

Mo Katibeh (CMO, AT&T Business) on their large fibre footprint:

"It all starts with fiber. Fiber accelerates everything that businesses need to digitally transform. Without fiber, innovative solutions like highly-secure networking, cloud computing and 5G wouldn't be possible"

John Stephens (CFO, AT&T) on their USD 23bn CAPEX for 2018:

"Much of that is targeted for fiber deployment"

Randall Stephenson (T&T Chairman, President and CEO):

"We're very bullish on video. Our customers are consuming more video, not less"

Rob Powell (Telkom Rambings) on the idea of a US National 5G network:

"The coalition that arises against the idea will be pretty interesting.  There will be some new bedfellows to be sure"

Ajit Pai on national 5G:

"costly and counterproductive"

Dr. Alicia Abella (VP Technology, AT&T) on most revolutionary technologies:

"LTE on smartphones, cloud and 5G combined with edge cloud"

McKinsey on AI:

"Training now accounts for about 95% of AI-related workloads in the public cloud because most AI applications are still relatively immature and require huge amounts of data to refine them"

Hans-Christian Schwingen (Deutsche Telekom, Chief Brand Officer):

"Brand and sales are two sides of the same coin"

Dean Bubley on opportunities for telco IoT:

"What is little discussed is how a proportion of IoT solutions will, in fact, link into and drive more usage of traditional communications – increasingly meaning IMS/VoLTE where a 4G connection is involved, for example"


"Almost every programming problem I knew of back in the 1990s is now solved. The main exception, 'distributed computing is really complicated and nobody has any idea how to make it work reliably' is now everybody's day job"