Quotes of the Week 026

Quotes of the Week 026

Robert Clark (via Light Reading) on China's 5G advantage:

"But there's nothing to suggest China has opened up a 5G gap over the rest of the world, let alone the US"

IDEO on CEO's business challenges:

"The old methods are incapable of preparing you for what we are seeing today—the most volatile and disruptive business climate the world has ever known"

Heavy Reading report on telco automation:

"About 40% of Council members expect a 15-20% reduction in staff as a result of automation"

Mari Silbey (Light Reading) on AT&T's proposal to sell its data centres:

"AT&T has likely reached the conclusion that it can't effectively scale and differentiate on the delivery of data center services"

TheAtlantic on self-driving trucks' effect on jobs:

"Trucking jobs will not be endangered by autonomous driving, and in the brightest scenarios there may be an increase in trucking jobs as more self-driving vehicles are introduced"

WARC report on UK advertising spend in 3Q17:

"Almost one in four pounds spent on advertising went to mobile, which posted year-on-year growth of 30.7% to £1.3bn … driven by advertisers looking to reach consumers via search results and social feeds"

Bob Evans (Forbes) on Google's $15bn enterprise cloud problem:

"The Big 3:  Microsoft  ($18.6bn), Amazon ($17.5bn) and IBM ($17.0bn).  Google Cloud Platform's disclosure of $4bn forward-looking revenue run rate leaves GCP about $15bn behind"

Wüst, Karl, and Arthur Gervais: advice on blockchains:


Tom Nolle (CIMI Corp) on telco Opex vs. CapEx:

"In 2017, they ran about 24 cents on each revenue dollar across all network operators, which is more than the total capital budget of operators"

Qualcomm on 5G phones:

"Phone makers might be able to save money by equipping 5G phones with less storage, because they'll be able to go straight to the cloud to instantly download anything you might want to store"

Neville Ray (CTO, T-Mobile) on 5G:

"We'll launch... as soon as... smartphones are available, which will be the first half of 2019"

John Perry Barlow:

"The Internet is the most liberating tool for humanity ever invented, and also the best for surveillance. It's not one or the other. It's both"

James Vacca (NYC Council member) on the role of AI in public depts:

"If we're going to be governed by machines and algorithms and data, well, they better be transparent" 

Kai Stinchcombe (CEO True Link Financial):

"It would take 5,000 nuclear reactors to run Visa on the blockchain"