Quotes of the Week 027

Quotes of the Week 027

Via react-etc.net on a 5G test in Helsinki:

"Results showed 5G to be 14 times faster than a good 4G LTE in the same location"

Peter Carson (Qualcomm) on 5G small cells:

"mmWave networks will offer 96% of the coverage of the 4G networks if the 5G small cells are deployed at a range of around 100 meters to 200 meters apart"

Jeremy Horwitz on 5G:

"One year from now, your smartphone is going to get faster in one of three ways: You're either going to upgrade to a 5G phone, upgrade to a 4.5G phone, or keep using a 4G phone on a network shared with fewer users"

Frank Rayal, comparing power consumption of Bitcoin and mobile networks:

"My estimates for bitcoin mining power consumption is around 7,000 MW. I estimate that all the mobile base stations use around 9,000 MW, of which around 25% is in China"

Francisco Jeronimo on Apple Watch sales:

"Apple shipped more Apple Watches in 4Q2017, than the entire Swiss Watch Industry shipped watches! Apple is the biggest watch maker in the world"

Serge Willenegger (SVP Qualcomm) on Standalone vs Non-Standalone 5G:

"If your spectrum is very high band, either millimeter wave only or high-band in the sub-6, let's say 5 GHz or 4.5 GHz and up, spectrum, it's very hard to think about the standalone model because that implies that coverage would be kind of hard to achieve."

India Ratings and Research on RJio's tariff cuts:

"While ARPU at the upper strata are capped (INR300-400 [$4.67-6.22]), there is a potential to improve them at the lower strata by data adoption in the un-penetrated segment"

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India:

"65% mobile subscribers were voice-only in Sept. 2017"

TheAtlantic on Smart City jargon:

"The language of Smart City is always Global Business English, no matter what town you're in"

Xconomy on Smart Cities:

"The way elected officials and technologists talk about the smart city, one would think the concept comes from a brilliant urban planner. Nope. The concept comes from sales people at global tech companies"

Bob Iger (CEO Disney) on the launch of an ESPN streaming service:

"There are signs that young people are coming into multi-channel television. People that were once called or thought to be cord-nevers are starting to adopt less expensive OTT packages"

Reed Hastings (CEO, NetFlix):

"The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us"

Tim Armstrong (CEO of Verizon's Oath) on merging G090 into Oath division:

"The brand will remain, [but] I don't know how long for ... Go90 was a super ambitious project"

Alex Craddock, HP:

"Omnichannel Is The Only Channel"

Matt Rosenberg on Apple's cookie blocking:

"Apple doesn't rely on an ad business, so they are prioritizing user experience. The fact that it is a choice between ad tech and user experience doesn't speak well for what ad tech has been doing"

Engadget on Verizon bundling 1year free Netflix with FiOS:

"It's keeping up with rivals offering video freebies"

Alex Craddock, HP:

At HP we believe we have entered a new age. We call it the "Experience Age." In the 1800s, we were in the Industrial Age, when power-driven machines replaced hand tools. Then came the Information Age with the introduction of the computer, where information was able to be moved more seamlessly around the world and became more democratized. Now we have transitioned to the Experience Age where the experience is key, in everything across both our physical and digital lives.

ARCEP (French regulator) on net neutrality for devices:

Devices give you a portion of the internet and prevent an open internet. "With net neutrality, we spend all our time cleaning pipes, but nobody is looking at faucets"

MIT study on reaction to banning all cell phones during class:

"The strongest and consistent emotion was  'anxiety'"

J. M. Korhonen on blockchain:

"As it stands, public blockchain is very much a kludgy solution looking for non-existent problem, namely lack of trusted intermediaries in finance and accounting"