Quotes of the Week 028

Quotes of the Week 028

Cisco on 5G:

"5G should provide the opportunity to drive adoption of "neutral host" and shared infrastructure business models – perhaps involving innovative local industry/public sector/community collaboration models"

Stacey on IoT:

"We keep saying that data is the new oil, but oil is not a wholly harmless substance. We need to accept that data isn't, either"

Tien Tzuo (CEO Zuora via VentureBeat) on Amazon vs. Walmart:

"Selling products to strangers doesn't cut it anymore. To succeed in retail today you need to start with the customer, not the product"

New Yorker Magazine on the Internet of Athletes:

"Snowboarders in the Olympics attach transponders around their legs so the judges can know how high each contestant rises in the air. Bigger air, bigger scores"

Jeff Bezos (Amazon):

"Your margin is my opportunity"

Alex Blowers (Cityfibre) on OfCom's regulatory priorities:

"(OfCom) will not contemplate any course of action that drives short-term price increases for consumers, even if the long-term benefit would be a healthy competitive marketplace with much lower prices"

The Drum (marketing publication):

"nine out of 10 B2B and consumer audiences surveyed agree that brand experiences that deliver stronger personal interactions are more compelling"

Upton Sinclair (via Daring Fireball, on Facebook & fake news):

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it"


"I've worked in finance for several SaaS companies…  infrastructure is never the biggest cost, it's sales and marketing and most of that spend is a mystery in terms of attribution, so blended CAC is not terribly useful"

Michael Leszega (Magna Global) on fall in TV advertising:

"The peak of the TV ad market was two years ago.  TV doesn't have fraud or viewability problems, but the prices are just so high now"

Shan Wang on The Wall Street Journal's smart paywall:

"…refining a subscription prediction model that allows it to show different visitors, who have different likelihoods of subscribing, different levels of access to its site"