STARS Singapore 2018: follow-up links

STARS Singapore 2018: follow-up links

On behalf of my employer, I was a honoured to be a guest speaker at this year's STARS symposium, Singapore held (28th Feb -4th Mar).  STARS are a "a neutral, independent, not-for-profit organization registered in Switzerland" with the vision to "develop better leaders of the next generation and wants to be the premier platform for these future leaders".

The overall theme was "Global Risks - Impact and Opportunities” and I was presenting on Innovation. The subsequent panel was fast moving and explored the opportunities and risks of AI, including:

  • risks to the workforce and job security
  • comparisons between AI & human capabilities
  • AI's ability to generate original ideas
  • ethical issues
  • possible abuse such as lethal machines of war
  • predictions of achieving the singularity by 2040

Another area of common debate was around privacy, abuse of data and unintended consequences of a connected world.

I won't repeat all my arguments here but as back-up and further reading, here are links on these issues:

AI & Machine Learning:

Automation and Work