Quotes of the Week 031

Quotes of the Week 031

Light Reading on China Telecom:

"1.16mln LTE base stations: Daily traffic is up by 400% compared with 2016, with an average of 19,000 TB of data running over the mobile network infrastructure daily"

Frank Rayal on MWC18:

"The emerging trinity of 5G use cases is converging on fixed application in the US, mobile application in Korea and Japan and massive IoT in China"

Mukesh Ambani:

"300,000-500,000 Indians are migrating daily to Jio Phone"

David Ohrn (AT&T):

"Don't use the cloud to define your business strategy, but use the cloud to execute your business strategy"


"If indoors is 5G's biggest challenge, then the technology is already in trouble here. Most communication by people is done indoors"

Regeneris (UK study commissioned by Cityfibre):

"total economic impact of deploying 'full fibre' (FTTP/H) across 100 distinct UK city and towns, could reach £120bn over a 15 year period"

Eddy Cue (Apple) on their 38mln paid Apple Music subscribers:

"around 2bln people qualify as potential streaming music subscribers, possessing both the technological and financial access to get on-board"

Li Yuan (WSJ) on young Chinese tech workers:

"working the dreaded '996' schedule—9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week"

Digital TV Research (via Rapid TV News):

"US pay-TV market revenues peaked in 2015, at $101.71 billion and will drop to $75.13 billion by 2023"

Juniper Research - Global Smart City Performance Index:

"smart cities have the potential to save individuals about 125 hours every year"

Fran Heeran (Verizon):

"I think the term virtualization and NFV is actually holding us back as an industry. We are all doing a lot more than simply virtualizing something. It's really about cloudification, so if anything, it should be NFC, network function cloudification"

Anil Rao (Analysys Mason) on telco operations:

"telecom industry is at an 'inflection point' where operations are key to service provider success; everything that can be automated should be automated and efficiency will be an important driver as we transform operations"

Stefan Hofrichter (AGI Strategy Chief) on the value of bitcoin:

"Its intrinsic value must be zero: a bitcoin is a claim on nobody — in contrast to, for instance, sovereign bonds, equities or paper money — and it does not generate any income stream" 


"The Bitcoin network is processing 200k transactions per day at a cost of $3B per year. Visa is processing 150,000k transactions per day at a cost of $8B per year. Visa also does insurance, credit, customer support...With Bitcoin your funds are lost if you forget your PIN"

Fernando Alonso (F1 driver) on 5G:

"I've been doing it for 17 years, and my neck is used to it"

John Oliver on crypto-currencies:

"Everything you don't understand about money, combined with everything you don't understand about computers"