Quotes of the Week 032

Quotes of the Week 032

Samuel P. L. Veissière et al:

"We are not addicted to smartphones, we are addicted to social interaction"

Alan Breznick (Light Reading) on the US cable industry:

"broadband revenues will soon catch up to and then exceed video revenues for the cable industry, as broadband profits and subscribers have for some time"

Francesca Bria (Barcelona CTO):

"is not just about building gadgets and new technology… smart city initiatives must deliver a more sustainable economic system which is accessible to all people living in the city"

 Mike Masnick (via TechDirt) on Facebook / Cambridge Analytica:

"It's actually quite incredible to recognize just how big Facebook has gotten in the face of how little it seems to understand about what its own platform does"

Ron Miller (via TechCrunch) on IBM's over use of the Watson brand:

"The trouble with using Watson as a catch-all phrase is that it reduces the authenticity of the core technology behind it"

Liora Shechter (CIO of Tel-Aviv):

"To become a cutting-edge smart city, don't just digitize existing services—invent new ones to engage and delight your residents"

Zeynep Tufekci (via NYT) on Facebook / CA scandal:

"This wasn't informed consent. This was the exploitation of user data and user trust"

Jean-Louis Gassée on Facebook:

"Zuckerberg, who's very well read, certainly knows that everything runs on trust, even dictatorships"

Tom Nolle (CimiCorp) on cloud computing:

"…the stubborn belief, in defiance of actual industry data, that legacy applications are 'moving to the cloud'. …the main the business-critical stuff isn't moving and won't be moving any time soon"

Willett Kempton (University of Delaware) on range anxiety of electric cars

"the customer wants to be able to make all of their trips [ever], not just 90%"