Quotes of the Week 033

Quotes of the Week 033

Wang Jianzhou, (China Mobile chairman) on 5G:

"The new focus is on applications. At present, we don't have an existing business model"

James Faucette:

"5G challenges include the backhaul, siting, and spectrum"

Andre Fuetsch (CTO, AT&T) on their plan to use White Box routers:

"AT&T is pushing hard on this path because of the looming demand it expects to see on its network, which today carries 200PB of traffic on a typical business day, up from 137PB per day a year ago"

Light Reading on Cisco's support for white box hardware:

"Bowing to customer pressure, the company has promised to sell some operating systems unattached to Cisco hardware and allow customers to use that software on a variety of third-party devices"

Nathaniel Popper (via Twitter) on analysis of ICOs:

"81% of ICO's were Scams, ~6% Failed, ~5% had Gone Dead, and ~8% went on to trade on a exchange"

Ryan Ding (Huawei) on telco's ROI challenge:

"with price competition driving down tariffs, and an estimated average cost of US$1,000 per household for FTTH deployment, across the world the average payback time was more than 7 years"

Dennis Stevens (SVP, Shaw Comms) on broadband competition:

"Particularly with millennials, they don't see the need for [broadband] so they just don't buy it. They're not even in the market"

Heavy Reading on Edge Computing:

"The question of how much computing will be needed and where should it go has always been more, everywhere: more computing in more devices, more types of devices, more computing power in networks and increasingly programmable networks"

Johannes Himmelreich (via The Conversation):

"Decisions made by engineers today will determine not how one car drives but how all cars drive. Algorithms become policy"

@kcoleman quoting a Lyft driver:

"Today has been great. I've been blessed by the algorithm"