Quotes of the Week 039

Quotes of the Week 039

Lowell McAdam (CEO, Verizon Wireless) on announcing 5G in LA:

"5G is a lot closer than people think"

Gayle Levin (Riverbed Technologies) on using SD-WAN:

"Manage centrally, orchestrate globally, deploy remotely"

Ed Morche (CenturyLink) on 2B wireline customers complaints:

"Their feedback to me is that they can't even find a sales rep anymore. If I want to buy a handset, they're all over me, but if I want to go and add additional MPLS connections, I can't find any support'"

Ibrahim Gedeon (CTO, Telus) on telco virtualization:

"operators will face a 'crippling' spike in costs if trends persist… NFV has yet to live up to the original expectations and that exorbitant software maintenance costs are undermining the NFV business case"

Neil McRae (BT):

"the most transformational change in our industry it's not SDN. It's not NFV. It's this model-based concept with telemetry and network automation"

John Gruber on Google's Voice Assistant:

"It's uncanny how realistic this sounds, but I genuinely wonder if it's disingenuous to program an AI that hems and haws like a human. There's a genuine humanity to this voice, but is that dishonest?"

Shantanu Narayen (CEO, Adobe) on hyper-personalisation:

"People are buying experiences, not products"

Corey Pein:

"Science begins with doubt. Everything else is sales"

CNET headline:

"Is Elon Musk just an AI set on 'eccentric billionaire' mode?"