Quotes of the Week 040

Quotes of the Week 040

Michel Combes (incoming CEO, T-Mobile) on their network aspirations:

"We intend within four to five years to reach 450Mbps average speed per subscriber" 

Magna (research firm) on US TV advertising decline:

"national ad sales fell 2.2% in 2017 and are forecast to decline at least 2% annually through to 2022"

Ralph Heim (VP Sonic Drive-In) on TV ad targeting:

"they're trying to create a more premium advertising experience for advertisers, and they're hoping that people will pay more, even though the audience is smaller" 

Remy Merckx (VP, Radisson Hotels):

"If something isn't working, change it. If Facebook can't deliver any more returns (for Radisson) then we will spend on other platforms"

Ted Sarandos (Chief Content Officer, Netflix):

"85% of the company's total spending is going to new shows and movies"

Andrew Haussegger (MD, Green Hat) on B2B social marketing:

"There's a content shock out there; too much content"

informitv Multiscreen Index:

"the leading ten US TV service providers lost over 200,000 subscribers between them in the first quarter of 2018"

Ibrahim Gedeon (CTO, Telus) on progress of cost reduction by NFV:

"We've dropped the price of hardware to a seventh but if you are adding to the price of software licenses you are not where you need to be"

Ed Morche (CenturyLink):

"SD-WAN is an area of major growth, 45% in the first quarter — most of its enterprise companies aren't abandoning MPLS-based virtual private networks for software-defined WANs, but they are combining the two"

American Medical Association:

"About $140bln is lost every year in the U.S. healthcare system thanks to inefficient management of basic internal operations"

NTT, announcing Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) multiplexing:

"the possibility of applying this principle to large-capacity wireless transmission at a level about 100 times that of LTE and Wi-Fi and about 5 times that of 5G scheduled for launch"

Bill De Blasio (Mayor NYC) announcing a task force on algorithms:

"It will develop a process to determine whether the automated systems are "fair," "equitable," and "accountable." It will also identify ways the algorithms' decision-making can be made more transparent"


"'chatbots' will handle 60% of customer contacts by the 2021 fiscal year, up from just 1% today"