Quotes of the Week 041

Quotes of the Week 041

Press Trust of India on average monthly data consumption:

"June 2014: 70.10MB.   Sept. 2017: 1.6GB"

James Feger (CenturyLink):

"Trust the automation so your best people can be put to work on other things"

Crunchbase heading:

"With at least $1.3bln invested globally in 2018, VC funding for blockchain blows past 2017 totals"

Toni Vitale (Winckworth Sherwood) on all those GDPR e-mails:

"if the business really does lack the necessary consent to communicate with you, it probably lacks the consent even to email to ask you to give it that consent"

Parks Associates:

"more than 50% of U.S. broadband households own a smart TV and more than 40% own a streaming media player"

Light Reading on Edge Computing by operators:

"If you think net neutrality arguments are nasty today, imagine what they'll look like if operators control both the computers that power, and the movement of data that's generated by: drones, cars, public safety systems, environmental sensors and much, much more"

James Feger (CenturyLink) on automation:

"it lets you put the best people on the most challenging problems"

Angus Ward (CEO, BearingPoint) on the closing of Telefónica Digital:

"Going back to their connectivity roots is what operators typically do when faced with adversity"


"all things being equal, consumers prefer a superior user experience. What is interesting about this attribute is that it is impossible to overshoot"