Quotes of the Week 042

Quotes of the Week 042

Stefano Gastaut (IoT Chief, Vodafone) on NB-IoT:

"We have had to make bets like this before. Big bets like NB-IoT are the business of telecoms"

Neville Ray (CTO T-Mobile):

"it will cost '$1.5 trillion' for any carrier to consider a nationwide rollout of millimeter wave 5G in the US"

Verizon on T-Mobile's claim for the first US mmW 5G data transmission:


Bill Morrow (CEO, NBN) on their cancelling of 100Mbps service for all:

"the rollout of a network that would consistently achieve speeds of 100Mbps would cost 'billions and billions of dollars, the economics … [start] to actually break apart to a point where it doesn't make any sense … It would just never happen"

Sylwia Kechiche (GSMA Intelligence):

"IoT revenue opportunity is shifting away from simply connecting devices to addressing specific sectors with tailored solutions, and successful ecosystem players will need to adapt their business models in line with these market trends"

BBC on their coverage of FIFA 2018 in 4K:

"users should have at least a 40Mbps broadband ISP connection"

Faizel Lakhani (CEO, Guavus):

"People who are only selling pipes are the ones who will die"

Chuck Lorre (TV Producer) on Customer Experience:

"I don't know what my expectations are until they aren't met"