Quotes of the Week 045

Quotes of the Week 045

Liu Aili  (President, China Telecom):

"When we have fierce competition, industry value reduction is prominent"

John Legere (CEO, T-Mobile):

"We'll make sure that America wins the global 5G race"

Martin Sauter on the definition of network slicing:

"Allow a UE to connect to more than one core network at the same time"

ABI Research:

"Cellular and non-cellular LPWA network connections will grow globally at a 53% CAGR until 2023, driven by market growth in smart meters and asset trackers"

Sharon White (CEO, Ofcom):

"to provide good mobile network (4G etc.) coverage across virtually all of the UK landmass would cost up to around £6bln and is likely to require some form of cross subsidy"

Lan Chen (President & CEO DoCoMo):

"(we) plan to launch 5G technology 'within 800 days'"

Emmanuel Lugagne Delpon (Orange) on telco transformation:

"Step one is pure capacity, while step two is to change the architecture of the core, put computing power at the edge of the network and virtualize"

Farhad Manjoo (NYT) on 'Peak Screen':

"Tech has now captured pretty much all visual capacity. Americans spend three to four hours a day looking at their phones, and about 11 hours a day looking at screens of any kind"

Dr. Max Welling (Qualcomm) on the next frontier for AI:

"We can identify the objects that are in an image. We can even say what people are doing. Now what if I asked, What happens next?"

Anonymous via TechCrunch:

"Violence is like XML—if it doesn't work, you're obviously just not using enough of it"