Quotes of the Week 046

Quotes of the Week 046

Volker Held (Nokia) on the 3 killer apps for 5G:

"Automotive, logistics and Industry 4.0"

Tom Nolle (CimiCorp):

"The credibility of IoT as a 5G driver, or indeed as a driver of anything, is still a question"

Dan Jones (Light Reading) on 5G speeds:

"users of actual mobile 5G services will not be experiencing gigabit -- or close to gigabit -- downloads via mobile 5G in the near future"

Ian Morris (Light Reeding) on Europe's 5G lag:

"5G technology will arrive in Europe about a year after it first comes to the US. The real question is whether this will matter by giving Americans an economic edge and services that Europeans would miss. The answer is probably no"

DigiDay reporting on Verizon's closure of Go90:

"(Verizon) spent a significant amount of money on both content acquisition and marketing costs on Go90. Two sources estimated that the total cost for Go90 was roughly $1.2 billion"

Gabriel Brown (Heavy Reading) on Open RAN's challenges:

"But the chief culprit is CPRI which provides a link between the actual radios and the baseband equipment that processes radio signals. At the moment, that is more or less proprietary"

Engadget on T-Mobile's RCS rollout:

"T-Mobile now supports next-gen texting between carriers, only if you have a two-year-old Samsung phone"

Gartner on 5G and Smart Cars:

"By 2025 Gartner predicts that the vehicles will be uploading over 1TB of vehicle and sensor data per month to the cloud, up from 30GB from advanced connected cars today"

Frank Rayal on startup's IDC syndrome:

"refers to the isolation, dependency and lack of confidence that inhibits emerging markets from developing a viable startup ecosystem"

McKinsey on corporate strategy:

"in reality, a 'visionary' corporate strategy is often an internally driven reflection of what the company wants the world to look like"

Michael Barnard (CleanTechnica) on blockchain:

"It's going through a hype cycle right now…, it is an accounting system at heart"

Jeff Bezos (CEO, Amazon):

"in the short run, the stock market is a voting machine, in the long run, it's a scale"

TheAtlantic on the excessive use of punctuation:

"At journalism school, I was told that you get one exclamation point to use in your entire career, so you should use it wisely"