Quotes of the Week 023

Ashish Sinha via NextBigWhat e-commmerce recommendations:

"When you order a paintbrush from Amazon, Amazon recommends more paintbrushes.  When you order a paintbrush from Alibaba, Alibaba recommends art classes"

RapidTVNews on the business model of Cisco's new DocSIS box:

"IBU licensing is aligned to the number of subscribers across the network, so licence investment is highly aligned to revenues"

His Excellency Dr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh on what makes a successful SmartCity:

"This is an evolving question — it's a living animal. Today my concentration is social impact. A smart city cannot be for the citizens if it doesn't serve its human purposes"

Steven Sinofsky (via Medium), why big companies are vulnerable to smaller ones:

"Leadership tends to see more risk in downside of the current plan rather than upside in taking on new things"

Iain Morris (LightReading) on 5G at MWC'18:

"If MWC 2017 served up 5G as a concept in search of an application, the theme of MWC 2018 threatens to be the disappointing radio reality swaddled in layers of shopworn marketing"

Dataxis report on Pay-TV subscribers at end of 2017:

"The total pay-TV sector amounted to 1.073bn subscribers, a compound annual growth of 1.2%"

John Saw (Sprint, CTO) on 5G mmWave:

"What we've seen so far of millimeter wave tests suggests signal ranges of a quarter of a mile or less"

TechCrunch on rumoured Verizon OTT video:

"From what we understand, the service will see Verizon focus on packaging video content in "channels" that could take the form of standalone apps, which would be distributed beyond the company's FiOS broadband service"

Steven Wright:

"Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it"

Stephen Cass:

"5G is likely to become the glue that binds many of our critical technologies together, which will put mobile carriers at the center of modern global civilization in a big way"

Quotes of the Week 022

Bruce Schneier on the impact of Spectre & Meltdown CPU vulnerabilities:

"Overall, the security of the average Internet-of-Things device is so bad that this attack is in the noise compared to the previously known risks"

LightReading on 5G announcements by AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile:

"For all their bluster about expansion into new value-added service areas, operators continue to put the marketing artillery in the connectivity fight"

Laura Patterson (President VisionEdge Marketing):

"Declining marketing budgets are related to marketing's inability to connect its work to how it delivers value to the business and customers"

LightReading on automation:

"The purpose of automation is to get rid of manual effort and all of its attendant costs. Without reference to its impact on the workforce, any talk of automation is misleading"

BT via TelcoTransformation:

"studies indicate that network slicing can be profitable with the number of services as few as five, and a payback period of just three years"

FierceTelecom on 3 focus areas for fibre deployment in 2018:

"fronthaul for wireless operators for 4G densification and upcoming 5G deployments; school districts; and content providers"

Tom Nolle on key technologies in 2018:

"It seems to me that the success of any piece of 5G in 2018 will depend in part on how easily it's separated from the whole"

Arnaud Vamparys (Orange Labs) on 5G:

"We see a big interest from our B2B customers due to the fact that it's the first time they have radio access with SLAs"

31 volts service design's definition of 'Service Design':

"When you have two coffee shops right next to each other, and each sells the exact same coffee at the exact same price, service design is what makes you walk into one and not the other"

Quotes of the Week 021

Nigerian saying on their layered work environment:

"You have a 9 to 5, a 5 to 9 and a weekend job"

Deloitte's 'Evolution of Blockchain Technology: Insights from the GitHub Platform':

"26,000 blockchain projects launched in 2016, 92% are now dead"

Fortune magazine on blockchain at IBM:

"Demand for the technology is growing so much that it will be one of the largest users of capacity next year at about 60 data centers"

Sterling Perrin (Heavy Reading) on optics business in 2018:

"Be afraid. Wireless infrastructure will hit the valley between completed 4G builds and coming 5G rollouts"

DemandGen B2B Report:

"59% say they now have formal business groups or buying committees in place to review purchases.  

Barry Levine on the changing role of marketing:

"In many ways, marketing is looking, sounding and feeling less like its traditional role of "demand generation" and more like 'experience management'"

Azeem Azhar on adoption of AI in 2018:

"Firms which view AI not as a tool with which to expand their offerings but merely to cut costs will become lords of an ever-diminishing manor"

Scott Brinker (via CustomerThink):

"But arguably the biggest news in vertical competition at the end of 2017, at least here in the US, was the FCC repealing net neutrality"

Doc Searls on starting the second phase of the VRM manifesto:

"At the end of it, our original thesis—that free customers are more valuable than captive ones—will either prove out or wait for other projects to do the job"

Jeremy Horowitz (VentureBeat) on the price point for an LTE watch subscription:

"The short answer? $5 or less. A monthly tablet plan with 1GB of data costs around $10, and the perceived monthly value of a wearable is lower"

Quotes of the Week 020

Rob Carter (FedEx CIO) on autonomous vehicles:

"The reality is, work always evolves to adapt to technology"

William Chou (Deloitte) on China's bike-sharing companies' lack of profits:

"Collecting data is the first goal of the sharing economy. Every time consumers scan the QR code on a bicycle -- or basketball, handbag, umbrella -- they provide information about habits, locations, behaviors and payment histories"

SlashDot on rising BitCoin transaction costs:

"With a typical transaction size of around 500 bytes, the average block had fewer than 2,000 transactions. And with a block being generated once every 10 minutes, that works out to around 3.3 transactions per second"

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) prediction on 2018 telco markets:

"the ARPU decline in the fixed-line sector will be as much as 11.5%"

Ray Le Maistre (Light Reading editor) 2018 prediction:

"Tier 2/3 mobile operators will become financially distressed and Google will acquire at least one at a rock-bottom price"

Cole Crawford (CEO Vapor IO) on their Kinetic Edge rollout in Chicago:

"Back in the mid-2000s, Mark Andreessen said software is eating the world ... This is software eating the data center"

Tom Nolle (CEO cimicorp) on rumour that Verizon is dropping IPTV FiOS:

"Mobile video has essentially separated 'viewers' from 'households.'  If you give people personal video choices, they tend to adopt them"

Tracy Troyer (VP Dell EMC) on their new PowerEdge XR2 servers:

"It makes more sense to run the application at the edge"

Kain Warwick:

"[Bitcoin is] unsuitable as a currency, because people are far more likely to hold it in anticipation of it appreciating in price"

Kevin Kelly on the business plans of the next 10,000 startups:

"Take X and add AI"

Paul Ruelas (Masergy) on differentiating its SD-WAN offering:

"There is still that mythical 10X savings floating around out there, where you drop your MPLS and go to pure broadband… but it's about a lot more than price, there are features and functionality available, and that's where I see more interest"

Quotes of the Week 019

Matt Ellis (CFO Verizon) on FTTH competition from Altice:

"Altice's plans for FTTH validates what we have been doing for over 10 years and the value it brings and the things you can do with fiber that you can't do with other technologies"

TelecomRamblings on telco's new revenue challenges:

"IoT service is more an ecosystem from device vendors, software vendors, IT service providers, telecom and cloud service providers, rather than a standalone solution"

O'Reilly book 'When hardware meets software':

"In the Internet of Things, what's old is new, and what's new happens much faster"


"With great elasticity comes great responsibility"

KPMG (via DataMatics, Robotic Process Automation, 2016 report):

"Up to 75% cost can be reduced by implementing RPA in any project or business"

FierceWireless on the similarities between marketing WiMAX and 5G:

"The problem 5G might have is ambition. The new business models 5G is being built for are often outside of operators' reach and will require partners"

Heavy Reading survey of telcos on TV and video services:

"Some 12 of those stakeholders agreed that having a video offering was critical for telcos, even if the return on investment was not substantial.  One of the main drivers is that video anchors the triple-play bundle.  Operators also need to find ways to monetize traffic"

NetFlix (via their tech blog):

"This is yet another way Netflix differs from traditional media offerings: we don't have one product but over a 100 million different products with one for each of our members with personalized recommendations and personalized visuals"

@Alex Lindsay

"30 years ago you couldn't get cash on Sunday. Now you can send cash on your watch"

Tom Siebel on AI:

"AI is the endgame of much of the most talked-about technologies alongside it today. I think the cloud, [internet of things], big data, devices — those are just enablers"

Brian Guthrie (Slice director of Engineering) on DevOps:

DevOps isn't "a job title, a software tool, a team name, or magic enterprise fairy dust, but rather a set of practices that encourage continuous integration into production"

Karl Blanks on marketing best practice:

"Ask your current customers:   What nearly stopped you buying from us?"

Forbes on current ICO trend:

"If anything should be a red flag, it's Paris Hilton promoting an enterprise-focused blockchain application"

Vishal Augustine (Huawei) on the 3 pillars of telco transformation:

"1.  increasing choice for consumers     2. improving efficiency    3. creating a better customer experience"